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Microsoft Releases Anti-Spyware Application

Microsoft Releases Anti-Spyware Application

As expected, Microsoft has released a beta version of their own Anti-Spyware application based on their recent acquisition of Giant Software Company. In addition, they would also be releasing another new tool for malware-removal on January 11. Mike Nash, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Security Business and Technology Unit had this to say in the press release: “Customers have told us that they need solutions that make it easier to keep computers protected from emerging and ever-changing threats. The solutions we’re announcing today will offer customers additional resources to help to protect their PCs against spyware and viruses on an ongoing and predictable basis.”

These new tools are reportedly being developed on the new advanced security technologies and proactive protection Microsoft introduced in the Windows XP Operating System through Service Pack 2. However, the application supports Windows 2000 and later versions.

Microsoft claims that this release would help in reducing negative effects caused by spyware, including slow PC performance, annoying pop-up ads, unwanted changes to Internet settings and unauthorized use of private information. The upcoming anti-malware application would be provided with updated signature files every month to counter new threats as they appear.

These new tools are a new effort from Microsoft, which has previously issued stand-alone applications to counter specialist damage-causing viruses and malware like Blaster, MyDoom, and Download.Ject. A single application for all these patches with auto-update feature would go a long way in helping consumers stay away from dangerous consequences as a result of security glitches in the softwares released by the software giant.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist of the Search Engine Journal and Editor of the TechWhack Tech Blog Network

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Microsoft Releases Anti-Spyware Application

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