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Microsoft Outlook Tool Launched by You Software

You Looking For Another Microsoft Outlook Tool

Microsoft gobbled up Lookout the other week, an Outlook search tool, but You Software is introducing another option to finding one’s way around Outlook – You Perform.

With hundreds of millions of users around the world, Microsoft Outlook is the standard for business e-mail. One of the daunting task-management challenges facing business users of Outlook is e-mail overload. Day after day, the average Outlook power user receives as many as 50 new e-mail messages and spends two or more hours using Outlook. High-volume Outlook users can receive several hundred messages and spend their entire day working with Outlook. You Perform helps users stay ahead of e-mail overload with 15 value-add tools that extend the power of Microsoft Outlook and help knowledge workers efficiently manage their inbox, streamline communication and contact management, and easily manage their calendars remotely.

The tools in You Perform are built on Sperry Software Inc.’s best-selling add-in productivity tools for Microsoft Outlook. You Software recently acquired Sperry Software, and in collaboration with Mike Sperry, the You Software development team has advanced the technology and products to make them more affordable while adding appealing features that improve usability and facilitate customization. You Perform is not a replacement for Outlook: It enhances and extends the power of Outlook by adding new features and capabilities that blend seamlessly with the Outlook user interface. With the addition of You Perform to Microsoft Outlook, knowledge workers can more effectively manage e-mail volume, improve communication processes, and increase efficiency for mobile communications.

Fifteen Value-Add Tools That Cut Through E-Mail Overload

You Perform is a collection of 15 utilities that integrate directly into Microsoft Outlook to help users in small, medium-sized and large businesses make the most productive use of their time. Users of You Perform can more efficiently organize and respond to e-mail, keep contacts up to date, and manage their calendars. Across the organization, managers, collaborating team members, administrative assistants, remote workers and frequent travelers will find tools that make them more efficient. You Perform makes communicating, delivering and archiving documents, tracking projects, storing names and addresses, and connecting with e-mail-capable PDAs and cell phones easy and predictable.

You Perform is available for free trial download and purchase at

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Microsoft Outlook Tool Launched by You Software

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