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Microsoft Origami & Google Search Results

Microsoft Origami & Google Search Results

Microsoft released the plans for its Origami PC yesterday, which is lighting up the web, news, and blog search engines with storms of searches for the term “origami”. For those who live in a kimchee pot buried in a northern Afghani cave, origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. is the top result in Google right now for “origami” and it’s a pretty nifty site on paper folding. Scroll down the rest of the results and you’ll see and then Joseph Wu’s Origami Page. After the third result Google has given their results a ‘hand job’ by adding the top three results for “microsoft origami”, which is what 99% of the people searching for ‘origami’ right now are probably looking for.

According to the site, Alex Barber is the designer and Who Is says he’s the owner of Alex was lucky enough to buy the URL which is more than likely very popular anyway, I wonder what he’s thinking now that Microsoft has named their new “we’re gonna beat iPod, Sony and Google” mobile PC Microsoft Origami.

Kind of funnier, if you do a search on Google for “origami project” (MS’s Origami site name is, lucky Tammy Yee has her origami lessons for children listed as #1. is listed at #3, probably because of their awful title tag, “hi there.”

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Microsoft Origami & Google Search Results

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