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Microsoft MSN Desktop Search Out Today?

Microsoft MSN Desktop Search Out Today?

Microsoft MSN Desktop Search Out Today?

Microsoft’s MSN division will be holding a teleconference today at 1 pm EST to announce their newest addition to the MSN network. Will it be that MSN Search Beta is going live and full blown? Did they find a new actor to play the butterfly? For the time being, MSN is keeping it “hush hush”, and trying to create buzz on the blogosphere about their new announcement. However, Search Engine Journal’s Sushubh Mittal is fairly confident that MSN will be luanching their new MSN Desktop Search in reaction to recent entries into desktop and harddrive searching by Google, Yahoo and AOL/Copernic.

Neowin, a very popular tech site has reported that Microsoft would be launching their new updated MSN Toolbar Suite beta tomorrow (Neowin’s site is down at press time). Now, no one is actually very excited about the MSN Browser Toolbar of course. However, the great part of the news is that it would be incorporating Microsoft Desktop Search.

Same website released screenshots of an unreleased version sometime back, which really looked tempting enough. Microsoft had promised to release their desktop search software before the end of the year. And it is one promise they seems to be keeping.

Google is already out with their desktop search, Yahoo! would be incorporating X1 technology to release their version in January. And tomorrow we would have access to Microsoft’s version. Copernic, dtSearch, and Filehand are other players in the market. Computer users sure have some options in their hands now!

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