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Microsoft Vista Making Search Changes Thanks To Google

Early this month, The engine giant Google initiated a complaint stating that Windows Vista has made it difficult for users to use desktop search applications offered by Microsoft competitors.

Forbes reports, “Google is whacking Microsoft with the anti-trust stick, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company is strengthened its effort to undermine Microsoft’s money-spinning Office desktop productivity franchise, announcing that it is scooping up the assets of online presentation software specialist Zenter for an undisclosed sum Tuesday.”

Microsoft has agreed to three changes with the Vista platform. The changes will come when Microsoft upgrades Vista, dubbed service pack 1. Changes should come about in late 2008.

What changes will incur in Microsoft Vista?

Forbes reports, “Microsoft agreed to allow computer manufacturers and consumers to select a default desktop search program — just as they can with third-party Web browsers and media players.

Links to the default search program chosen by the consumer or computer manufacturer will be provided in Vista’s start menu and in Windows Explorer windows. Finally, Microsoft will provide technical information to developers of third-party search programs to help them make their offerings run more smoothly.”

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Microsoft Vista Making Search Changes Thanks To Google

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