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Microsoft Limits Bing AI Chat Messages Per Day

Microsoft has implemented new changes to improve Bing's chat feature, including a cap of 50 chat turns per day.

  • Early users of Bing's AI-powered search engine report better results, more complete answers, and an approachable chat experience with helpful responses.
  • Microsoft has made changes to improve the experience. Users can now only engage in five chat turns per session and 50 chat turns per day.
  • Microsoft is committed to improving its new features based on user feedback.

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing search engine, Edge web browser, and integrated chat feature are receiving high praise from users in early testing.

In over 169 countries, the new features have been observed to deliver better search results, more complete answers, and tools for generating content.

The chat feature, in particular, has seen healthy engagement, with users asking multiple questions during a session to discover new information.

Users have reported that the chat experience is easy to use and approachable, with a good balance of helpful responses.

Feedback on the AI-powered answers generated by Bing has been overwhelmingly positive, with 71% of users giving them a “thumbs up.”

Despite the positive feedback, in long chat sessions of 15 or more questions, Bing can become repetitive and prompt unhelpful responses.

To address this issue, Microsoft has made changes to help focus the chat sessions.

New Changes To The Chat Feature

According to Microsoft’s data, most users find the answers they need within five turns, with only a small percentage of chat conversations exceeding 50 messages.

As such, the chat experience will now have a cap of 50 chat turns per day, and five chat turns per session.

After a chat session hits five turns, users will be prompted to start a new topic.

The context will be cleared at the end of each chat session so the model doesn’t get confused.

To start a new session, users can click on the broom icon to the left of the search box for a fresh start.

Other Updates In The Works

Microsoft is continuously working to improve its new features based on user feedback.

The company plans to improve the grounding data for queries that need timely data, such as live sports scores.

Further, Microsoft is considering adding a toggle for more control on the precision versus creativity of the answer to tailor it to a user’s query.

Microsoft is also exploring adding a tool to refresh the context or start from scratch, giving users more fine-tuned control.

As users play a crucial role in the new Bing experience, Microsoft encourages users to continue sending their thoughts and ideas.

Microsoft is committed to daily improvement and will continue to provide regular updates on the changes and progress made.

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Featured Image: rarrarorro/Shutterstock

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Microsoft Limits Bing AI Chat Messages Per Day

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