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Microsoft, Google, Yahoo Top Popular Global Web Properties

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo Top Popular Global Web Properties

A recent ComScore study showed that in 2006 International usage of Google grew 13%, projecting it to the #2 spot in the Top Global Web Properties list, nudged between Microsoft and Yahoo, which each grew by 5%.

The ranking were judged by Total Unique Visitors in 2006, not page views or usage, if so, we’d probably see much different results.

Here are the rankings:

  1. Microsoft Sites 508,659,000
  2. Google Sites 494,170,000
  3. Yahoo! Sites 476,761,000
  4. Time Warner Network 260,387,000
  5. eBay 251,423,000
  6. Wikipedia Sites 164,675,000
  7. Amazon Sites 151,033
  8. Fox Interactive Media 135,730,000
  9. CNET Networks 114,940,000
  10. Ask Network 113,881,000
  11. Apple Computer, Inc. 111,131,000
  12. Adobe Sites 100,421,000
  13. Lycos, Inc. 83,724,000
  14. Viacom Digital 76,171,000
  15. New York Times Digital 68,010,000

“Google’s popularity has been driven in part by its international appeal as well as the rapid uptake of some of Google’s applications beyond traditional Web search,” said Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe. “Examples include the 40-percent year-over-year growth in visitors to Google Image Search, the 71-percent growth in visitors to Gmail, and the 62-percent growth in visitors to Google Maps.”

I wonder if Google or Yahoo will make it to the #1 position, or if the rollout of Microsoft Vista will secure the amount of unique visitors to keep them the most visited Internt property.

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Microsoft, Google, Yahoo Top Popular Global Web Properties

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