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Microsoft Content Ads Beta Expands to All US Advertisers

Microsoft adCenter has expanded the Content Ads Beta contextual advertising program to all US based advertisers who wish to place contextually targeted text ads throughout the Microsoft Network.

From the adCenter Blog:

We are delighted to make Content Ads Beta available to all U.S. customers! On Wednesday, August 29, we will upgrade adCenter to include Microsoft Content Ads.

Microsoft Content Ads allows you to place content-targeted ads on the Microsoft network—connecting you to the right people at the right time for the right price. We’re excited about this release and the choices we are providing advertisers.

For now, Microsoft is not rolling out Content Ads as a revenue building solution for 3rd party publishers outside of the Microsoft Network, but this is a large step by MSN and with the inclusion of aQuantive into the Microsoft family, I expect the ad targeting and network reach to grow.

More from Microsoft on Content Ads Beta and its expansion:

  • More reach. With Content Ads, you can access the valued MSN audience on high-quality Microsoft content network pages, starting with day one, MSN® Tech & Gadgets, Money, Real Estate, and Windows Marketplace. Over time, we will introduce the rest of MSN, other Microsoft-owned properties, and premium partner sites. Until now, this premium inventory has been available directly only through the MSN sales team and has commanded premium pricing. Today, we are making it available to everyone at a price you will decide.
  • Automatic Expansion. At the time of the upgrade, your campaigns will be automatically expanded to include content distribution.
  • Key Controls. After the upgrade, you’ll be able to select where your ads distribute (search pages or content pages) and how much you pay per click.
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Microsoft Content Ads Beta Expands to All US Advertisers

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