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Microsoft Brands Longhorn As Windows Vista

Microsoft Brands Longhorn As Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching its long awaited Longhorn operating system as Windows Vista – not to be confused with AltaVista. Windows Vista will be the next large offering from Microsoft, which has burried the Longhorn name for an identity which is more consumer friendly and marketable. Microsoft announced that a beta version of Windows Vista will be available to the public on August 3rd.

Sushubh Mittal at TechWhack reports : The announcement was made by the company at a briefing in Atlanta to some 10,000 Microsoft sales and service employees. The news was later announced on the Microsoft’s website. Brian Valentine, senior vice president of Windows Core Operating System was speaking to a loud and cheering crowd when he said: “So there’s no more Longhorn, we’re now officially Windows Vista.”

The company said that they got good feedback from the users of their Operating Systems that they found a name instead of numbers better in the long run. Microsoft was using year names for naming their updated Operating Systems until Windows XP came few years back. The company is using Vista as a moniker that tried to express something about the product itself.

Microsoft said that the upcoming beta would be distributed in the development and IT community and not to the public at large. However, they can be sure that the application would be available on the torrents network as soon as it is released in limited developers group. Group product manager in the Windows client division, Greg Sullivan said in a statement: “Beta 1 is almost exclusively a plumbing release. Our view that the end user functionality is not in beta 1, it’s in beta 2. The true essence of the product that’s going to reflect the name as well is going to be in beta 2.”

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Microsoft Brands Longhorn As Windows Vista

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