Microsoft to Reward Users of its Bing Search Engine

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Microsoft launched a new search loyalty program today, called Bing Rewards. Similar to airline and credit card-style programs, Bing Rewards gives users credits for each search they perform that can be used to redeem a number of gift cards, products and can even be used as charitable donations. Microsoft has had two previous programs similar to this one, SearchPerks and Cashback, but both had the plug pulled on them.

Users receiving 250 credits just for signing up and will continue to accumulate them by conducting searches and doing a number of varying tasks. Before you can start taking advantage of the new rewards program, users must install the Bing Bar toolbar on their Windows machine in Internet Explorer and have a Windows Live ID. Macs are not compatible with Bing Rewards and neither Google Chrome or Firefox are accepted browsers.

As of right now you must conduct five searches to gain one credit and that is good for up to eight searches per day. Search Engine Land‘s Greg Sterling says that Microsoft’s Stefan Weitz told him the goal of the loyalty programs is to “get casual Bing users more engaged” and that “the Bing Bar will push suggestions, messages, and Bing features to them in an ‘unobtrusive way'”.

This new feature has the potential to be very successful, however I think that excluding users of Mac and Firefox might prove to be bit detrimental.

Will you give Bing Rewards a try?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • chakkravarthi

    Simple answer is NO! I like google results better.

  • Mabuzi

    That is beyond a shadow of doubt the Google results are way better than Bing, hence the Bing incentive. But saying that I will use Bing to get Frequent Search Points.

  • Concrete Crusher

    Looking forward to it

  • James

    Oh I recently removed bing and installed google search toolbar.

  • Rajku

    cannot see much difference between google results and bing's.

  • blah

    bing and microsoft simply suck. but I just want from microsoft points for my xbox360…