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Microsoft Bing is Launching an Xbox App

Microsoft Bing is launching a dedicated app for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X video game consoles.

Microsoft is launching a Bing search app for Xbox One, which offers some unique hardware integrations for gamers.

With the Microsoft Bing app, Xbox users can search the web, discover trending content, and more from their game console.

In an announcement, the company states:

“This app brings search to the activities you’re already doing on your Xbox, such as if you’re browsing videos or photos with a group of friends and want to view them on a big screen, or are stuck in a game and want to quickly look up hints without leaving the console.”

Bing web search has previously been available on Xbox One in a limited capacity.

Since 2014, Bing has been the default search provider for the console’s built-in search functionality. Similar to how Bing is integrated into other Microsoft products like the Windows operating system and Edge browser.

In other words – Bing is on Xbox but it more or less runs in the background.

The launch of a dedicated app expands on existing capabilities and brings more Bing features to Xbox.

First, users can access Bing through an interface akin to what you’d expect from a desktop browser.

Microsoft Bing on Xbox

The Microsoft Bing app on Xbox is designed to help users discover current, recommended, and trending games, videos, and news.

Trending games and news in the Microsoft Bing app.

The app can assist Xbox users in unique ways by combining Bing’s data on video games with user data on the Xbox console.

For example, with access to data on in-game progress, Xbox owners can use the Bing app to quickly pull up information relevant to where they’re at in a game.

Another way the Bing app takes advantage of Xbox software is with images of the day and image search results.

Users can take any image they see in the Bing app and set it as their console background.

Image search in the Microsoft Bing app.

In addition to specific gaming features, the Bing app also brings a full search results experience to the Xbox console.

With that full experience comes Microsoft Rewards, formerly “Bing Rewards,” which lets users earn points for each search they perform.

Points can be collected and redeemed for things like gift cards or donations to charitable causes.

Xbox users can earn additional Microsoft Rewards by participating in quizzes and polls offered through the app.

Microsoft Rewards on Xbox.

Lastly, the whole experience is optimized specifically for Xbox hardware.

Microsoft isn’t just taking a desktop app and porting it to a gaming console. It’s built for Xbox first.

“… we built all of the above features as native search experiences that is truly optimized for the console.

It’s easy to use the app using your controller or media remote, and to search using your voice if you prefer. No need to try and use your controller as a mouse cursor!“

The Microsoft Bing app is available now for users in the US. Simply search for it by name in the store on Xbox One console.

Alternatively, you can download it remotely here.

According to the download page, the app will be compatible with the Xbox Series X when it launches in November.

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Microsoft Bing is Launching an Xbox App

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