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Microsoft Advertising Releases Holiday Season Marketing Guide

Microsoft Advertising's new guide offers strategic insights for maximizing holiday ad reach and conversions in the 2023 season.

  • Microsoft Advertising launched its "Festive Season Marketing Playbook" guide
  • The guide encourages early planning and budgeting for holiday ad campaigns.
  • Microsoft emphasizes the importance of October clicks and the rising trend of deal-seeking among consumers.

Microsoft Advertising has launched a comprehensive guide to aid marketers in devising efficient ad strategies for the holiday season.

The guide, “Your Festive Season Marketing Playbook,” aims to assist advertising teams in understanding and responding to evolving customer behaviors and trends as we approach the much-anticipated holiday shopping period.

Early Planning & Clever Budgeting

The guide emphasizes the importance of beginning campaign planning early.

Data from previous years indicates that brands experienced a significant increase in website traffic and purchases during September and October throughout the U.S. and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

These months saw 44% of ad clicks and 40% of conversions at 5% lower cost-per-click (CPC).

As for Australian shoppers, they tend to commence their holiday shopping at the start of November.

Brands should plan their budgets accordingly to leverage the entire holiday season.

The Impact Of October Clicks

The Playbook underscores the vital role October clicks play in holiday conversions.

On average, 67% of purchases in November and 50% in December could be traced back to consumer clicks in October.

Microsoft Advertising recommends using remarketing, in-market audiences, and its automated bidding strategies to capture this segment of deal seekers, who engage in multiple searches before purchasing.

The Rise Of Deal Seeking

Furthermore, the Playbook draws attention to the rising trend of deal-seeking among consumers, particularly in the U.S., where more than two-thirds of shoppers spend considerable time searching for coupons and deals. EMEA-based deal seekers reportedly spend 33% more time on search activities than the average shopper.

The Payoff Of Diversified Ad Strategies

Microsoft’s holiday advertising Playbook highlights the benefits of a diversified ad strategy.

According to data from the Microsoft Advertising Network, 28% of holiday ad clicks come from mobile devices, which account for 22% of total retail conversions.

This insight underscores the importance of a multi-channel approach to reach consumers across different platforms.

Download The Playbook

Marketers seeking to maximize their holiday ad reach and conversion rates can download the Festive Season Marketing Playbook from Microsoft Advertising’s website.

The guide offers actionable tips and insights based on the most recent trends and consumer expectations for the 2023 holiday season.

Featured Image: Grand Warszawski/Shutterstock

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Microsoft Advertising Releases Holiday Season Marketing Guide

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