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Microsoft Advertising Introduces 3 New Generative AI Solutions

Explore new generative AI features for Microsoft Advertising, including Conversational Ad experiences, Ads for Chat API, and Copilot.

  • New Compare & Decide Ads are designed to optimize user engagement on Bing Chat.
  • Snapchat My AI and Axel Springer are the first Ads for Chat API partners.
  • Copilot for Microsoft Advertising aims to simplify ad campaign creation, with open beta coming soon.
microsoft advertising generative ai search features

Microsoft announced a series of generative AI updates to its search and advertising platforms to redefine how we interact with search engines and online ads.

Earlier this year, the tech giant revealed its plans to implement generative AI into its services to change how we work.

It’s doing that with features like Compare & Decide Ads and Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform.

Microsoft’s data reveals that the company’s AI-powered chat feature, Bing Chat, resonates well with younger users and encourages quicker decision-making.

Compared to traditional search methods, users on Chat reportedly take half the time to reach a decision.

Additional internal data revealed significant growth in Microsoft’s Edge browser, attributing it partly to the successful integration of Bing AI chat.

Compare And Decide Ads Offer Engaging Conversational Experience

Microsoft is introducing new advertising formats designed exclusively for the Bing Chat experience.

The first of these, Compare & Decide Ads, will allow users to evaluate options based on their chosen criteria.

Screenshot from Microsoft, September 2023

Slated for a closed beta in early 2024, these ads will collate all relevant data into a concise table to revolutionize retail, travel, and auto advertising.

Microsoft also plans to release more Conversational Ad experience formats over the coming months to help advertisers engage with AI chat users.

Microsoft Introduces First Ads For Chat API Partners

In addition to the new Conversational Ad experiences, Microsoft also announced its first two partners using the new Ads for Chat API.

Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, accessed by 150 million people globally on the popular social platform, is among the first to serve sponsored contents in its chat responses via the Ads for ChatAPI.

Screenshot from Snapchat, September 2023

Axel Springer’s product Hey_, with 16-17 million visits daily, has also implemented the advertising solution.

Microsoft intends to respond to feedback about the Ads for Chat API service from its current partners before expanding it to more.

Copilot For Microsoft Advertising Offers Intelligence AI Assistance

Another groundbreaking feature is the Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform.

Screenshot from Microsoft, September 2023

This intelligent assistant aims to help advertisers and agencies streamline their advertising efforts, making recommendations for images, headlines, and descriptions.

Microsoft is conducting tests with a limited number of advertisers before rolling it out for open beta “in the coming months.”

AI Continues To Transform Advertising And Search

The advancements in Microsoft’s advertising and search features have significant implications for the ad industry, offering more effective targeting and enhanced user experiences.

Microsoft advertisers are invited to sign up for a webcast in November to learn more about generative AI in Microsoft solutions.

Featured image: Lori Butcher/Shutterstock

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Microsoft Advertising Introduces 3 New Generative AI Solutions

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