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Microsoft Ads Announces Plans to Move to New Feedback Platform

Microsoft plans to move to a new feedback platform in October. Here's what advertisers need to know!


Microsoft has announced that they’ll be moving to a new feedback platform in October. The goal of the feedback platform is to help Microsoft listen and gather feedback, while pushing feedback to their engineering teams for action.

In Microsoft’s current tool, users can submit ideas, such as feature requests or suggestions and other users can vote on the feedback that they would find useful. The feedback posts also include the current status from the engineering team.

For example, the current status could include: “Almost Done – In Pilot”, “Working on It”, “Not in Our Plans Right Now”, or “Tell Us More”, the last of which is, of course, a request for more information about the idea. The feedback ideas marked “Working On It” typically include estimated time to completion, as well.


What Can I expect With the New Feedback System?

While Microsoft is moving to a new platform, it sounds as if the user experience will be fairly similar for users.

The new feedback platform will still allow users to share feedback publicly, receive votes from others, and vote on other feedback that they would like to see implemented.

Microsoft’s announcement shared that the new feedback system will allow the team to listen and act on customer feedback in new ways.

What Will Happen to Prior Feedback Given?

All feedback that has been shared into Microsoft’s current system, UserVoice, before September 30th will be migrated over to the new platform.

Current statuses of existing feedback and any votes that are cast on feedback items will also be ported over to the new system.

Is There a New URL For the Feedback Platform?

Microsoft has not yet announced the URL for the new feedback platform.

What other ways are there to provide feedback to Microsoft Advertising?

In addition to the new feedback platform, users can provide feedback within the Help section of the advertising UI, or send Microsoft Ads an email at Advertisers can also connect with Microsoft Ads on Twitter.



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Microsoft Ads Announces Plans to Move to New Feedback Platform

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