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Microsoft Acquires Foldershare for Windows Live

Microsoft Acquires Foldershare for Windows Live

Microsoft acquired FolderShare, a file sharing and synchronization system, with plans of integration into Windows Live ( FolderShare lets users share large files and ‘sync important information’, making it well suited for personal or small-business use.

The FolderShare service also enables private, remote access to customers’ own files from any browser, which is much better than relying on email, web space or other tedious file transfering applications.

“Our mission for Windows Live is to enable customers to easily find the information, pursue the interests and deepen the relationships that enrich their lives,” said Blake Irving, corporate vice president of the MSN Communication Services and Member Platform group at Microsoft. “I’m thrilled with the acquisition of FolderShare and the opportunity to offer this technology with Windows Live software and services. FolderShare technology will help customers access their information anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices, unifying their overall experience.”

Andy Beal of Fortune Interactive noticed that Folder Share and Google had been working together on a Google Desktop Plugin; “I’m guessing that FolderShare’s integration with Google Desktop will be phased out very quickly.”

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Microsoft Acquires Foldershare for Windows Live

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