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Michael Jackson Acquittal Makes Yahoo News Before Google

Michael Jackson Acquittal Makes Yahoo News Before Google

Michael Jackson Acquittal Makes Yahoo News Before Google

While finishing up a day’s work today and listening to the radio to hear the jury’s decision on the Michael Jackson case (the jury found Michael Jackson not guilty on all charges), I was debating on posting a short story about the results of the trial on SEJ and testing how different syndication channels would pick it up. I then got to my senses, realized that doing so would not serve my site nor the search engine community justice and then hung the idea out to dry.

Now I log on to check my Bloglines account and see that Gary Price was looking into the same idea from a different angle – pinning Yahoo News Human Editors & RSS against Google News spider and indexing method. Gary has a nice write up about the Michael Jackson verdict test on Search Engine Watch. Kudos to you Gary and your awareness to test the judicial news story of the decade (or week).

The fact that Google News uses automation to decide what to feature on its home page versus Yahoo employing human editors is often raised as a issue when comparing the services. In the case of the Michael Jackson trial, it looks like the humans won out. I’ve been watching both this afternoon to see how they responded to the not guilty verdicts in the case.

Note: The MJ story was listed at the top of Google News “Entertainment” section several minutes before being listed as a Top Story. Then, it was listed as only a headline in “Top Stories” before moving to one of the two top two stories (posted with image) on the left side of the “Top Stories” section.

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