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Meta’s AI Vision Revealed: Bing Integration, Celebrity Chatbots, + More

Meta unveils new AI tools and characters with celebrity voices for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

  • Meta is introducing new AI features like chatbots and image editing tools across its apps.
  • The AI assistant Meta AI will provide information using Bing and generate images from text.
  • Celebrity voices like Snoop Dogg will be used for some of the new AI chatbot characters.

At its annual Connect conference, Meta unveiled new AI innovations coming to its family of apps and devices.

Meta is rolling out an AI-powered assistant with Microsoft Bing integration, new image editing capabilities, and AI-generated stickers for messaging.

Meta’s AI assistant will provide real-time information using Microsoft Bing, with the ability to generate images from text prompts.

Among the most buzzworthy announcements is that some of the new AI chatbot characters will be voiced by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, and Kendall Jenner

Here’s an overview of new features at Meta’s annual Connect conference on Wednesday.

AI-Generated Stickers Come To Messaging Apps

Meta is launching AI-generated stickers in its messaging apps. This enables you to turn text prompts into customized stickers.

The feature uses AI models like Llama 2 and Emu and aims to provide more creative ways for users to express themselves in chats and stories.

AI-generated stickers will roll out over the next month to English-speaking users.

New Instagram Tools To Edit Images With AI

Two new Instagram features will let users transform or co-create images using AI.

Using descriptive terms, Restyle, and Backdrop can overhaul existing images. These features rely on technology from Emu and Meta’s company’s Segment Anything Model.

Images created with Restyle and Backdrop will indicate they used AI.

Meta AI Assistant Coming To Apps & Devices

A new conversational AI assistant, Meta AI, is coming to WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. It provides real-time info via a Microsoft Bing integration and generates photorealistic images from user text prompts.

Meta AI aims to enhance connections and productivity. In a hypothetical scenario provided by Meta, users in a group chat could use Meta AI to decide on a hiking trail or create a digital merit badge to commemorate their adventure.

Meta AI’s language model draws on Meta’s Llama 2 and other research.

New AI Characters With Unique Personalities

Beyond Meta AI, Meta unveiled 28 additional AI characters for its messaging apps. Each has a distinct backstory and personality.

Some characters are voiced by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, athletes like Tom Brady, and influencers like Kendall Jenner.

Meta wants interacting with the AIs to feel like chatting with familiar people, so the characters have social media profiles to share background info.

Currently in beta, these AI characters are set to roll out in the United States, with plans for more characters played by figures such as Bear Grylls, Chloe Kim, and Josh Richards.

More AI Creation Tools Coming

Looking ahead, Meta plans to release its AI Studio, enabling third parties to create their own AIs for Meta’s messaging services. Developers will have access to APIs for building on Messenger, with plans to expand to WhatsApp.

Businesses can design AI characters that reflect their brand values and improve customer service experiences. Creators, too, can build AIs that extend their virtual presence across Meta’s apps.

Further, Meta is developing a sandbox for users to experiment with creating their own AI.

As the company’s AI offerings grow, it plans to bring the sandbox to the metaverse, enabling users to craft AIs with greater realism and connectivity.

In Summary

Meta’s latest AI announcements show the company’s commitment to integrating advanced artificial intelligence across its platforms.

As Meta rolls out these AI capabilities, transparency about generated content and responsible development remain key considerations.

Users stand to benefit from enhancements to connectivity, productivity, and entertainment. However, the technology warrants close observation regarding ethics and safety.

Featured Image: Screenshot from, September 2023. 

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Meta’s AI Vision Revealed: Bing Integration, Celebrity Chatbots, + More

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