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Meta Lets Brands Search Facebook & Instagram For Stolen Content

Meta is expanding search functionality for brands with more ways to find content that infringes on intellectual property rights.

Meta is introducing new ways for brands to discover whether other accounts use their intellectual property (IP) on Facebook and Instagram.

A tool from Meta called Brand Rights Protection is getting upgraded with better search functionality, which enables businesses and brands to search by image. The tool will uncover other types of content, including posts on Facebook and Instagram, using that image.

Businesses will have the ability to report content utilizing their IP without permission, prompting Meta to conduct an investigation and remove the infringing content.

This new search functionality is part of a series of updates to Meta’s Brand Rights Protection tool, which is available exclusively to businesses with registered trademarks.

From a search enthusiast’s perspective, I found it interesting that Meta has a search tool that’s not available to the public.

This article will cover what you can do with Brand Rights Protection and how to gain access to it.

Search For Stolen Content With Meta’s Brand Rights Protection

Brand Rights Protection allows brands to identify and report counterfeit, trademark, copyright infringement, and impersonation content.

In a blog post, Meta describes what Brand Rights Protection is and what it’s designed to do:

“The tool—accessible within Business Manager—can be used to search for content that misuses a brand’s intellectual property or impersonates them, send Meta a request for content removal, track the status of these requests and add reference images to help automatically detect potentially infringing content.”

The tool allows brands to search for and report:

  • Facebook or Instagram ads
  • Facebook or Instagram posts
  • Facebook Shops, Marketplace, buy and sell groups
  • Facebook Pages, profiles, or Groups,
  • Instagram accounts

The items listed in bold were recently added with the series of updates announced today.

In addition, Meta is rolling out a streamlined reporting process with automated takedowns.

Previously, after sending a request to take down content, it would take Meta a day to review and remove it. Now, brands with a history of accurate reports are eligible for automatic takedowns.

Brands can also utilize a new ‘allow’ list, which lets rights holders upload a list of Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts that have permission to use their IP.

Meta will automatically recommend ads, commerce listings, Facebook Pages, and Instagram accounts for brands to review based on previous reports.


Businesses that have a registered trademark can apply for access to Meta’s Brand Rights Protection tool.

To apply for Brand Rights Protection, businesses will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Business must have an account on Business Manager
  • Brand must own a registered trademark
  • Trademark must be active and text-based or image-based
  • Business has no history of intellectual property violations
  • Applicant must be an employee of the brand or business

After applying for and gaining access to Brand Rights Protection, you can find it from the drop-down menu in Meta’s Business Manager.

If you don’t have access to Brand Rights Protection and encounter infringing content on Facebook or Instagram, you can request a removal using one of Meta’s report forms.

Source: Meta
Featured Image: Vitalii Vodolazskyi/Shutterstock

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Meta Lets Brands Search Facebook & Instagram For Stolen Content

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