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Meta Launches New Tools To Help Brands Fight IP Infringement

Meta rolls out new tools to protect brands' intellectual property rights across its platforms.

  • Meta updated its Brand Rights Protection suite to help brands identify and act against intellectual property violations.
  • Meta launched an Intellectual Property Reporting Center for submitting copyright and trademark complaints.
  • Meta enhanced its Rights Manager to let brands better manage and protect image content.
In this photo illustration, the Meta Platforms logo is displayed on a smartphone screen

Meta has launched new tools and services to help brands protect their intellectual property and prevent unauthorized use.

This includes an updated Brand Rights Protection suite to identify and take action against infringing content and a new Intellectual Property Reporting Center where brands can submit complaints.

Brand Rights Protection Receives a Facelift

The newly updated Brand Rights Protection service provides brand owners with enhanced tools to monitor and respond to misuse of their trademarks. It includes improved capabilities such as more sophisticated matching algorithms, saved searches, and an expanded reference library, enabling brands to identify and report infringements and impersonations readily.

“Saved searches are unique to each user and do not sync across everyone with access to a business account,” Meta stated, emphasizing the personalized nature of the new tools.

A key new feature is cross-surface searching, which allows simultaneous searches across multiple platform areas, including advertisements, commerce, accounts, and posts. This eliminates the need to enter search terms repeatedly, significantly streamlining the process.

Meta Introduces The Intellectual Property Reporting Center

Meta has introduced a new Intellectual Property Reporting Center to improve the process for reporting intellectual property rights violations.

The center allows rights holders to save account information and reporting history to streamline the reporting process and track and manage cases more efficiently.

Users log in with their Facebook, Instagram, or Business Manager credentials for a personalized and secure experience.

“Multiple users who are logged in under the same Business Manager account will be able to see reporting history for the entire business,” Meta explained, highlighting the collaborative potential of the platform.

Rights Manager Empowers Image Protection

Meta has updated Rights Manager with new features to help rights holders better manage and protect image content.

The update introduces capabilities such as automatic blocking of unauthorized image use, adding ownership information and calls-to-action directly on images, and enabling actions on multiple images simultaneously.

According to Meta, these additions will allow those who own rights to images to enforce their rights across a broader range of content more proactively.

New Resources For Business Protection

Accompanying these tool upgrades, Meta is rolling out new resources to help businesses protect their brands on Meta’s platforms. This includes upgrades to existing tools and a new “Protecting Businesses” section on the Meta for Business website.

The new website section offers guidance for companies to develop strategies for brand protection, including prevention of misuse, monitoring for violations, and resolution of issues.

In Summary

Meta has introduced several new and upgraded tools to help brands better protect their intellectual property on Meta’s platforms.

Key highlights include enhanced search and detection capabilities, simplified reporting processes, expanded image rights protection, and new online resources to guide brand protection strategies.

While vigilance is still required, brands now have more robust options to defend their trademarks, copyrights, and other IP assets across Facebook, Instagram, and Meta’s advertising services.

Featured Image: rafapress/Shutterstock

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Meta Launches New Tools To Help Brands Fight IP Infringement

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