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Meta Introduces New AI Tools For Advertisers

Meta rolls out AI ad features to boost creativity and productivity for advertisers after positive tests.

  • Meta is introducing AI-powered features for advertisers.
  • The new features are being tested and refined based on feedback from a diverse group.
  • Initial testing showed time savings, but edits needed to match brand styles.

Meta has begun rolling out new AI-powered advertising features.

The tools, which include Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations, aim to boost creativity and productivity for advertisers on Meta’s platforms.

As the ad industry faces rising creative fatigue, with pressure to generate new ads constantly, Meta said its generative AI capabilities will enable faster introduction of fresh creative at scale.

More About Meta’s AI Advertising Tools

Meta is rolling out the following three tools to advertisers:

  1. Background Generation: Allows advertisers to automatically create multiple backgrounds to complement their product images.
  2. Image Expansion: Seamlessly adjusts image sizes to fit different ad formats like Facebook Feed or Instagram Reels.
  3. Text Variations: Generates multiple versions of ad copy using the advertiser’s original text. The AI highlights product features and suggests text to better reach target audiences.

Early Feedback Suggests Positive Results

Meta tested the new tools earlier this year with several advertisers.

In a survey, testers said the AI features would save five or more hours of creative work weekly.

Nearly all agreed the tools would help drive campaign performance by enabling the quick development of more ad variations.

While optimistic about time savings, testers said the AI output needs customization to match brands’ unique styles and voices.

Meta acknowledged more work ahead to train AI on individual brand needs.

Looking Ahead

Meta plans to deploy its AI advertising options at scale next year.

These features are Meta’s latest step in leveraging AI amid rising competition with rivals like TikTok.

With millions of advertisers on its platforms, Meta says it will collaborate closely on developing responsible and valuable AI tools.

Featured Image: Screenshot from, October 2023.


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Meta Introduces New AI Tools For Advertisers

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