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Meta Expands Reels Ads To Instagram, Tests AI Features

Meta is enhancing Reels with Instagram ads, app promotions, and AI-optimized music to boost engagement and broaden advertiser reach.

  • Meta is expanding Reels ads to Instagram, previously exclusive to Facebook.
  • The company is introducing app promotion ads to Reels to boost app downloads.
  • Meta is testing AI to optimize music in single-image Reels ads, aiming for better viewer engagement.

At an advertising conference this week, Meta unveiled innovative new features for Reels, its short-form video product.

Businesses can soon run ads between Reels on Instagram, an option previously exclusive to Facebook.

The ads are designed to blend into the Reels experience so they don’t interrupt the user or feel out of place.

Additionally, Meta is bringing its app promotion ads to Reels, which can help businesses get more downloads.

With music playing a huge role in social media video engagement, Meta is testing AI to optimize audio in single-image Reels ads.

Meta plans to make these solutions more widely available in the coming weeks. Here’s more about what to expect.

Reels Ads On Instagram

Video content in social media has been skyrocketing recently, with Meta revealing that more than half of users’ time on Facebook and Instagram is spent watching video content.

Reels has witnessed significant growth, reaching over 2 billion re-shares daily, which has doubled over the past six months.

To capitalize on this, Meta is expanding Reels ads to Instagram.

This allows brands to tap into massive audiences using Reels, providing a new avenue to reach potential customers.

Promote Apps In Reels Ads

Meta is enabling app promotion ads, previously called app install ads, for Facebook and Instagram Reels.

App promotion ads allow companies to extend their reach and increase their user base.

Given the many apps available on mobile phones, businesses can struggle to gain visibility. Bringing app promotion ads to Reels can help advertisers cut through the clutter and connect with audiences open to new ideas.

Using AI To Optimize Music In Ads

Meta found that ads with music and a voice-over tend to get a 15% better reaction from viewers than those without sound.

Recognizing the impact of music on viewer engagement, Meta is testing music optimization for its single-image Reels ads.

By providing free access to high-quality music through the Meta Sound Collection, advertisers can find and incorporate audio into their Reels ads during the creative process.

Enhancing single-image Reels ads with music will likely yield strong results if implemented well.

In Summary

Meta is enhancing its Reels ads in several ways to provide more business opportunities.

Notably, Meta is testing the use of AI to optimize the music for single-image Reels ads.

Soon, advertisers can run ads between Reels on Instagram, expanding beyond Facebook.

Businesses looking to reach audiences through short-form video should consider exploring these AI-powered tools when available.

Featured Image: Sergei Elagin/Shutterstock

Source: Meta

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Meta Expands Reels Ads To Instagram, Tests AI Features

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