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Memorandum Founder Gabe Riviera Interviewed

Memorandum Founder Gabe Riviera Interviewed

Memorandum Founder Gabe Riviera Interviewed

Don Dodge of the Microsoft Emerging Business Team has interviewed Memorandum founder Gabe Riviera. Memorandum is a nifty blog news clip and sort service which has joined other services like Digg and TailRank as ‘web 2.0’ alternatives to Google News or Slashdot.

Don writesTech Memeorandum is part of my daily reading list, actually I read it several times a day. There are several other “clipper” services out there that approach the problem from a slightly different angle. Blogs have exploded in growth and popularity over the last year. Finding good quality and popular content among the millions of blogs is the job of Memeorandum.

And here’s a snippet from the 10 question interview :

Don : How does Memeorandum decide what is important news? Some stories have no links, others have 10 or more links. How does content slide down the page over the course of a day?

Gabe : Most-linked/most-discussed new stories are important. Actually, all stories have been linked. Items lack “Discussion” when people link without adding much commentary, since simple pointer posts usually aren’t included on Memeorandum. Items fall down the page as they get older, or are displaced by bigger stories.

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Memorandum Founder Gabe Riviera Interviewed

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