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Matt Cutts’ Take On SEOs After New Update

Matt Cutts’ Take On SEOs After New Update

How’s everyone doing post Penguin 2.0? This update only affected 2.3% of search queries, yet some of our users said the following about the new update:


“It is i can see lots of variations in ranking.”


“I just checked my ranking. some sites are down and some sites are up.”


“I have seen drastic changes in our websites SERP rankings.”


“This has got to stop. Google cannot continue to play God with the internet.”

Others in the industry believe Google released the update to increase their profitability. In this official video by Matt Cutts, we learn quite the opposite:

Other things mentioned by Matt Cutts were:

1. What will most SEOs not understand?

The difference between an algorithm update and a data refresh. Penguin update 2.0 is an algorithm update. For a better understanding of these terms Matt Cutts uses, click here:

Another thing that most SEOs won’t understand is that Google actually decreased their revenues from the new updates. You realize that the new updates actually improve the quality of the internet experience. In the long run, such a move increases trust and brand equity. This is what keeps people coming back to Google and using them for their primary search engine.

2. Where are SEOs spending too much time?

SEOs are spending too much time on linkbuilding still. They need to embrace the grand picture. This includes compelling content and user experience. Matt specifically mentions two areas of experience that we need to focus on: design and speed.


Let’s make sure we aren’t whining, but evolving with the Google updates, learning the proper terminology so we can understand what Matt Cutts is saying to us, and spend time in the areas that actually matter (User experience).


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