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Matt Cutts on Blogs, Google, SEO & RSS : Performancing

Matt Cutts on Blogs, Google, SEO & RSS : Performancing

Nick Wilson of Performancing recently had the chance to corner “Senior Google Engineer and Webmaster Relations Chappy” Matt Cutts and grill him over some Blogger issues and tips for blogs which want to rank highly in Google. Matt also gives Nick a nice rundown of Google’s blog tools and service offerings including Google Blog Search, GMail RSS Feed Web Clips, Google News RSS Subscriptions, MySearch History, Desktop Sidebar, and Google Reader.

If anything, this list sounds like Google is building a currently decentralized blog tool armory to take on Yahoo’s strong blogosphere presense which includes such popular applications including Flickr, Yahoo MyWeb, 360 and If anything, the main difference besides proven track records in Flickr and may be that Yahoo’s blog and 2.0 offerings are integrated throughout their search, local, mail and social offerings. Something Google is catching up on, rather rapidly.

Besides giving a rundown of Google blog offerings Matt also addresses Nick’s concerns over Google, Blogger, and Splogs (spam blogs) & Google reportedly not indexing its own blogger blogs due to the spam overload:

Google definitely hasn’t stopped indexing Blogspot domains. The Blogger team has been doing a ton of work on this, and I’ve gotten to see a lot of the steps that they’ve taken (e.g. more use of CAPTCHAs in suspicious situations) to improve things. They’ve made it a lot harder to create a lot of splogs, and the response time is also way down when something does slip through.

On SEO tactics and ranking blogs highly in Google:

I think everyone should sit down with Google’s webmaster guidelines and just read it all. It will only take a couple hours, but the time is well worth it. Make sure you subscribe to the official search engine blogs… If you’ve got any kind of coding experience, try to build a search engine yourself. You’d be amazed
what you learn.

Don’t try to rank for a huge phrase at first–pick a smaller niche and get to be known as an expert there, and then build your way out and up.

For the full interview, read Google Teaches Bloggers How to Rank at Performancing.

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Matt Cutts on Blogs, Google, SEO & RSS : Performancing

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