Be Matt Cutts in this Donkey Kong-inspired SEO Video Game

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Donkey Cutts

Have you ever wanted to be Google’s Matt Cutts in an old school version of Donkey Kong? If so, NetVoucherCodes has you covered. Their new free online game allows you to use a “Donkey Cutts” avatar to earn social media cred, avoid the penguin and panda updates, and ascend the ladder to reach the top of the game.

According the Steve Barnes from

“You have to try and combat baddies like negative SEO and black hats and you have to create great content and collect white hat links as your reward. All this whilst doing your best to avoid the next penguin and panda that’s coming your way. Sounds familiar?

“We decided to turn all this into a retro game making Google’s Matt Cutts the star of the show. The response from the gaming and SEO world has been incredible. The game went viral within hours of us putting it on our blog and people are loving playing it.”

Donkey Cutts is fun, easy to play, and is a great break from the real realities of social media and SEO. You can play it here.


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Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Amusing, although a bit easy. The original Donkey Kong was mind crushingly difficult. Ironically I’m buying Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U this evening. I’ll no doubt be thinking of Matt Cutts when I start playing. Which is pretty creepy, but then so is web spam.

  • This is so cool! I really enjoyed playing it. Although I agree with Alex that this game is easy, but by playing on it, I also learned things about SEO on how to rank your site and what Google like.