Matt Cutts Confirms Panda Update Coming This Friday

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Late last night Matt Cutts was on stage at SMX talking about Penguin and Panda updates.  When asked about Panda updates and when will be the next one, Matt Cutts confirms a Panda update will be coming this Friday or Monday at the latest.

Cutts also said that they are in a heated battle with spam, trying to take down spammers and people trying to abuse the system.  In an effort to decrease web spam Google said there would be one VERY large Penguin update before the end of the year.  This isn’t that helpful but is interesting that there are additional large updates out there that we all can be waiting for.

Let’s be honest though, if you’re doing everything right and not spamming the world… you should be good!

Matt cutts walk with google

Cutts also confirms that they’ll be taking down 1-2 very large link networks in the coming weeks.  they’ve been tracking them and studying them over the past couple months and they are about to take action.

Link Networks Beware

Additionally Cutts joked around about the increase of spammers and some of the tricky ways they are going after large organizations, exposing vulnerabilities and security flaws in sites.  Make sure your site is secure.

Matt Cutts recommended using the “Fetch as Googlebot” tool to make sure that you’re seeing your site as Google is seeing it.  There are many sites with spam on there sites that can’t see the links that they are showing (referenced a University on their main page in live example of spam) where you couldn’t see unless you went into the code.  Google bot shows that a Top 50 University has “cheap viagra pills” on their main page.  All Google is doing currently is emailing them through Google Webmaster Tools about this situation.

Make sure you’re checking GWT for emails from Google, it could be a lifesaver and be expecting a Google Panda update this Friday the 15 of March.


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  • Cliffy

    “Let’s be honest though, if you’re doing everything right and not spamming the world… you should be good!”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if that statement were true. Unfortunately there is always a lot of collateral damage with a large Google update.

    • John Rampton

      Ah, for the most part sites that look natural in their SEO and following rules should be good. I will admit though, the history of SEO behind any brand could make a lot of people worry.

      I wish we had the right answer for everyone!

    • Ian Spencer

      This is so true.

      If every update only benefited the good guys then I would be delighted to know a Penguin update was coming, but, as per, there will be good guys that also get his for this, for no reason.

      And, unless you seemingly have the contacts like Interflora had, you could be out in the cold for many months, despite doing nothing wrong!

  • Wendy Piersall

    Panda “Update” or Panda “Refresh”? Because there’s a world of difference between the two – which word did he use?

    • John Rampton

      He used update when he was talking. Though he didn’t clarify.

    • Ashutosh

      It is Penguin update not refresh (which means just database refresh etc.). Which implies SEO buddies should be ready for even more finer SEO spam technique penalty(tough one), new spam tricks, hidden/newer black or gray hat techniques usage payback for clients, themselves and unsuspecting SEO industry as a whole.

  • Johnny

    @Cliffy I was just thinking the same! What’s right now, can be totally wrong in the next hour. I find it very funny that SEO-Agencies now are telling you “be good – don’t buy Links” but that’s what’s they have done for such a long time.
    Well, let’s hope the best – and good luck to every Webmaster out there.

    • John Rampton


  • Maciej Fita

    This should be interesting. Let’s see what happens early next week when this baby drops.

    • John Rampton

      I’ll be watching your site, muhahaha!

  • hftushar

    This is the era of Smart SEO. In 2013, whatever you do, you have to do it smartly. Google says, there will be VERY big Penguin update at the end of this year. So we have to careful when doing SEO in a way that make sense to Google.

  • Paresh

    Really it would be very interesting with the further step of Google. So we have to avoid from Spam…

  • hamayon

    Well these panda updates have ruined many bloggers but these also have boosted some new blogs. That’s why hoping for good. One thing other i think “Google think None can compete with it”. But what can we do 🙁

  • mikey

    I love big update days. The meltdown & overreaction on every comment section out there is hilarious.

    And I really can’t wait to read 20,000 articles entitled ‘Link building in a post-Penguin 2.0 World’, either.

    • Paul Atherton

      Apparently a new idea called “Content Marketing” is going to be big in 2013, or so I’ve read on a blog post or two recently 😉

  • James Piper

    Nice coverage on this John! We’ll have to see what comes on Friday and over the weekend.

    • John Rampton

      Let me know what happens!

  • Ty Whalin

    Personally, I have been following the guidelines since day one. Because of following the guidelines, not problems through all of these updates and changes in the algorithm as effected me or my clients. As said above, not spamming pays.

  • Nick Soares

    I am glad they are rolling out a new update, I hope this can be the final step to getting people to really focus on the actually USER friend content, rather then missleading content

  • Alexander Becker

    great, sure it will affect good sites in a bad manner too. like always

  • Rob Warner

    This shouldn’t be a surprise and expect collateral damage.

    It’s a simple game, shake the results up and a proportion of th companies who have just seen their organic traffic plummet will turn to Adwords.

    Wait a month or two and then repeat the process.

    “Good” or “bad” SEO isn’t the issue

    And to be fair why not, it’s their playground, their rules.

  • Carlos

    I still worry when I hear Cuttspeak. As mentioned earlier, there is always collateral damage. I’m making a big push this year to diversify our traffic and lead generation away from Google as much as possible.

  • Madhav Tripathi

    First time a Google Panda update is announced in advance. However my website is already faced some kind of penalty and I can see a slight drop in traffic.

  • sam

    The biggest problem for seo agencies here is to keep hold of their clients after every update.. i have witnessed than even if genuine seo is done on any site, few keywords tend to drop and few improve as well.. especially old sites because you never know what sort of links were made few years ago.. so it really is very tricky and risky situation for seo agencies.. I think the new websites are performing much better as compared to old ones, mainly because all sort of links were made.. Wow, lets see what happens next week..

  • Elazar gilad

    Hi all,

    At the end of the day Google is doing a great work killing those spamers and link networks.
    I love true and natural SEO this is why we think of content at first

  • Shaun Parker

    As ever there will be some sites that seemingly get bounced but lately there have been many strange results in mainstream searches, analysis has failed to make sense of the positions. Also in Google UK there are many product led searches that seem to favour US websites with many that just sell in dollars to the US which is also wrong since these sites push UK sites down even further but they have no place in Google co uk. Next week will be a time of research and analysis and of course later in the year a much bigger wave is coming and I suspect that Google will be monitoring for activity as people try to mitigate the activity they have been doing on link networks. The question for those who have used link networks is do you move and mitigate so the eagle sees you or do you stay put in the shadows and risk being picked off.

  • Akhil

    If google delete spam on the web i think first matt cutt delete spam in google first…more links found for google.

    What is this????This is called spam…

    Google want to increase PPC…

  • Jessica Alba

    I definitely don’t agree with the thing that Google is responsive in proper after implementing Panda and Penguin. One of the things is that Google does not always return the best search results with the best content from the top level.

    I always think when our business model is strong and our unique content is strong and our industry network is strong and marketing is strong and branding is strong, then no matter how Google Panda and Penguin and algorithm changed, it won’t affect much like others. I focus on human rather than Google Panda and Penguin machine. So will be more on humanizing websites/businesses. That’s why many branded businesses/websites are human oriented. In line with this, construct businesses/websites based on human behavior and powerful and build strong industry network, and do lots of advertising, branding and marketing.

    Anyway, are you ready to increase your revenue, business & traffic after this Google Panda and Penguin updates? If yes, than we can increase your revenue by developing a custom toolbar, with a toolbar unique to your business, you will connect and engage with your users, extend your reach, boost traffic to your site, and build brand awareness.

    Need assistance to increase your revenue, business & traffic after this Google Panda and Penguin updates using custom toolbar development? Fill out the contact form now at with your requirement.

  • Thomas Brodbeck

    Releasing the update on the Ides of March??? Beware of the Ides of March….

  • Ella

    Google panda update has killed the Press Release and I think next year Article Marketing will be killed. I like that spammer should be penalized but with this update a lot of ethical SEOs also been effected.

    • John Rampton

      I don’t think it will killer professional article marketing but I agree that they are going to go after all the guest posting.

  • Cathy Tomten

    I love changes and Google definitely keeps us going. If you’ve stuck with white hat SEO and keep your strategy in line with best practices, then you’ll have less to worry about. Notice I said less to worry about. We’ll see what happens Friday.

  • sid

    OMG, another update? I’m afraid. BTW, it will be taking down many spam-link sellers in this update. Eagerly awaiting. Thanks for sharing.

    • John Rampton

      Don’t be afraid, especially if it’s natural!

  • Paul Atherton

    Makes you wonder if the Interflora case is just the beginning. Could be some more big guns set to fall.

    • John Rampton

      Ya, that’s a little scary… cause how would you police this?

  • Matt

    hahahaha the Content Is Kind mentality has destroyed Google search. Sometimes people just want to find a website directly related to their subject. It was not until recently I had to add “-forum” “-blog” to my search just so I don’t get pointless opinions about a specific subject they have no clue about.

    In turn I started using bing to this little wonder:

    “In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s)”

    Remember when Google cared about the user experience instead of pandering to their shareholders.

    Yes Google Panda is yet another PR ploy to say “we are doing something” sorry small businesses looks like you will need to purchase Google Adwords in order to stay on top.

    Thank you SEO experts for drinking the kulaid and being Google best Free advertising.

  • keyword removed

    Its necessary to take necessary action against spammers . In SEO filed some people use spam to get fast result and impress their client but as per my way this ranking will be not stable. Also if you do Search Engine Optimization with true information and natural link back link then I am sure no any update by any search engine affected your ranking and also your visitors.

  • John Romaine

    Hopefully this will weed out a lot of people simply copying the source website/author. There’s still a LOT of that garbage rankings in the SERPS.

    • John Rampton

      Agreed, there is SOOO much garbage out there. I wonder how many spam sites out there that are created daily.

    • Ashutosh

      I guess this update will cover those new spam/auto-generated websites which are easily ranking as of now for they don’t have any past spam history. Meaning newly created spam sites will not get ranking easily…

      If all spam sites get removed from SERP their won’t remain much grudge about Google updates… Than Google will just need to focus on good sites that got overly penalized.

  • Pankaj bhatt

    Hello sir,
    My blog has been hit from google panda and is on stage of its recovery but there is news that new google panda is going to hit will it still effect the site. please recommend the things i should do. help me with it
    thank you.

  • Steven W. Giovinco

    I’m glad to see updates that reduce spammers and those attempting to “game the system.” However, I think I noticed some changes for one client during the last update; another client was hammered but it was because of their usage of link farms, which I didnt know about until it was too late (!).

  • Jim

    Hi John,

    Love Maple North… thanks for the heads up on this!

    I wonder how much money has been spent on content engines where one of the primary focuses is on relationship building for the the purpose of article backlinking?


  • Dita

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the heads up. I am glad that Google continues to clean up the house. All these derelicts just make it tough for all of us.

    I am also glad that they are still addressing the issue of the link networks. I can’t believe that so many people have not learned their lessons from the previous updates.



  • Todd Grace

    Im interested to see what companies Matt and his crew have been tracking over the last several months and if there are any monster sites that take the fall.

    On a completely different note, I find it ironic that this post is announces another software upgrade for the Google police yet this site proudly displays banner ads from companies soliciting link building.
    That’s what I love about this industry, its like the wild west only the skirmishes are fought with code and there isn’t a clear definition of whom the bad guys are. Is it the pose or the outlaw’s?

  • Sabari Raam

    i am very curious about these updates. my website has been affected by last google panda update and my target keywords are gone down. now i got all my keywords on first position. and i am worried this will affect my website again?

  • Zubair Ahmed

    As long as you have good quality content, legitimate links, and your site is a resource….there is nothing to fear! The only thing to fear… is fear (and Panda) itself.
    Panda waiting for you 🙂

  • Edward Chamberlain-Bell

    Google updates don’t scare me. It’s when you’re pursuing SEO & SERP so aggressively that you lose sight of publishing the quality of content that people are looking for. Bring it on Google!

  • ori zilbershtein

    It is annoying, hearing Matt saying that if you are good and did White hat SEO you wouldn’t get hit by the Panda.. i Got some news for mr. Cutts ! Here in Google Israel.. it got worse than before Panda… Spam is on the rise and legit sites got punished…

    Evil is winning !

  • Openwave

    Spam Fight tough call i am sure.. any how me too looking forward to see google with out spam where after the words from all webinars “Once upon a time lot of spam results in google” LoL..