Matt Cutts Confirms Google Sandbox Exists

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Matt Cutts Confirms Google Sandbox Exists

If you have read my coverage of the Coffee Talk with Senior Google Engineer : Matt Cutts you would have read;

Q: Does the sandbox exist? A: Matt said here comes the audience part? How many feel there is a sandbox? How many feel there is no such thing as a sandbox? SEOs normally split down the line. There are some things in the algorithm that may be perceived as a sandbox that doesn’t apply to all industries. He knows it works to keep some spam out.

He confirmed basically that there is a sandbox like effect for some industries. Rogerd started a thread at WebmasterWorld named Matt Cutts on the Google Sandbox which confirms this;

In reply to a question from Brett Tabke, Matt said that there wasn’t a sandbox, but the algorithm might affect some sites, under some circumstances, in a way that a webmaster would perceive as being sandboxed.

So, for some sites, in effect there IS a sandbox

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  • Бакс

    Никто и не сомневался в том что песочница существует.

  • Modelka

    Yes sandbox exist. In 99% i think it’s true.

  • Posiciona en Google

    For some sites? What kind of sites?

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  • Boepie

    The sandbox exist in 100%. A few of my sites where in there and came out after any weeks..

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  • steave

    this is good really site.