Matt Cutts Answers: “When Will Google Stop Updating Its Search Results?”

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Matt Cutts Answers: “When Will Google Stop Updating Its Search Results?”

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, answered a question about Google updates in his latest Webmaster Help video where a user simply wrote in to ask:

When will you stop changing things?

Matt says Google can’t stop doing this for a variety of reasons. The web is always changing, Matt explains. Since the web is always changing, the things Google thinks they need to do for users will always be changing. In addition, spammers and their techniques are always changing.

Google is always looking at new ways to try and rank results better. There will always be change going on in search results, so if you have a good search ranking right now Matt says to count on the fact that it’s going to adapt based on what users are looking for.

For example, if more users are performing spoken word searches or more conversational queries, Google has to figure out new ways to handle that. Matt says even if Google is doing a great job handling everything today, people will ask even harder questions tomorrow. Google has to be prepared for how search behavior may evolve in the future.

Google is going to continue to come up with new ways to better understand the overall intent behind a search. Matt says it’s a safe bet that things are going to keep changing for the foreseeable future. SEO in many ways is about change, Matt explains. The ability to evolve and adapt ensures better resources will be returned to Google users.

Another thing that keeps changing is Matt’s shirt in this video. I mean, really, how many different color shirts can a guy wear in one video? To hear Matt’s full response to the above question, and to see his amazing color-changing shirt, please see the video below:

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