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Martha Stewart Hosts the Next Apprentice

Martha Stewart Hosts the Next Apprentice

When I first heard about Martha Stewarts taking over Donald Trump’s Apprentice spot for next season, I have to admit that the thought of the Camp Cupcake Mistress firing Popstick CEO Danny the Hippie just wouldn’t be as cool as Donald Trump’s little “YOU’RE FIRED” flip of the wrist. But after logging into Yahoo Messenger this afternoon I was reminded that on every Thursday I’m overexposed to Donald Trumps face on not only Yahoo Messenger, but also Companion and Yahoo Mail. As attractive as the Donald may think he is (or his billions are) with all of the ladies out there, maybe it’s time for a change.

Playing the Devil’s advocate, Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment notes – What is Martha going to do after she is sprung from the can? She’s going to do a version of the Apprentice where *she* fires people and makes them jump through hoops and dance, although this will not be a knockoff like the Benefactor or the Rebel Billionaire (HA). This is actually going to be called “The Apprentice : Martha Stewart”.

We [H.O.P.E.] know it might be interesting for her to look for a new assistant to stab her in the back and send her to prison, but we have been receiving a lot of emails about this. Clogging up the public airwaves with this sort of derivative trash does everyone a disservice. Send her back to solitary where she belongs, let her “think this one over”.

However, it seems that people are piling all over each other like jumping beans to be Ms. Stewart’s Appentice. Rueters reports:

Hundreds of would-be Donald Trumps and wannabe Martha Stewarts stood in sleet and rain just a block and a dream away from Wall Street on Friday, hoping to be chosen for the real estate tycoon’s hit reality TV show or the imprisoned lifestyle mogul’s upcoming spinoff.

Stewart could not be present. Her five-month prison term for lying to investigators about a stock sale ends next month.

“I think Martha’s hotter now than she was two or three years ago,” Trump said told Rueters. “She’s an amazing woman, she’s shown tremendous courage.”

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Martha Stewart Hosts the Next Apprentice

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