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March 2015 #SEJThinkTank Site Audit Sites Chosen

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March 2015 #SEJThinkTank Site Audit Sites Chosen

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In January, SEJ began hosting webinars in addition to all the other great content we offer. Our webinars cover a variety of topics including the editorial process, dynamic Google SEO, and live site audits. The site audits are a lot of fun, which is why we decided to make them a regular part of our webinar lineup – and the next one is in just a few days.

Our next site audit will be Wednesday, March 4th at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern. Register here. 


Hosted by Brent Csutoras, Chief Social Media Strategist for Search Engine Journal, the SEJ site audit panel will include the expertise of SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones, SEJ Lead News Writer Matt Southern, and SEJ Social Media Manager Debbie Miller. It is set to be an exciting webinar full of great information for website owners.

For each site audit, we choose two sites ahead of time, and one site live from the webinar audience.

Here’s the two sites chosen in advance for our next site audit:

 Allstate Foundationallstatefoundation

This site is the nonprofit arm of the well-known insurance company Allstate. They do a regular site audit themselves, and are looking for tips and tricks to make their own audits more effective. This should be a really interesting discussion, especially from an SEO perspective.


This is a B2B site based in Ireland that sells Tideflex Duckbill Valves, which help drainage pipes stay clear. They asked us whether or not the site gives enough information about their Tideflex product. Many businesses in the B2B sector struggle to tell their story and connect with customers, so this should be an enlightening portion of the audit.

Congratulation to the site owners! We can’t wait to chat live during the webinar.

Join Us for the Next SEJThinkTank Site Audit

If you missed out submitting your site, keep in mind we will be choosing one Wild Card Site from the live webinar audience. Register now for to join us for our second live site audit and for a chance to have the SEJ team audit your site live. 


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