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MapQuest Launches Personalized Maps : My MapQuest

Playing catchup with Google and the search giants, AOL’s MapQuest yesterday launched My MapQuest, a personalized mapping service which lets users save maps then access them anytime from any browser or mobile device. Here’s some key information from the press release :

  • Users can easily set up an account by using a new or existing AOL Screen Name or OpenID login. My MapQuest users have the ability to configure and retain personal site preferences, such as miles versus kilometers, preferred language, user data such as cell phone numbers (for the Send to Cell feature), make and model of their vehicle, and addresses for friends and family. Users can also take advantage of the recently released Draggable Routes feature by customizing their directions, then saving them to their My MapQuest account.
  • My MapQuest also introduces an innovative feature that will automatically calculate the estimated fuel cost of a trip, based on the users saved vehicle information, route distance and average gas prices in the route area.
  • In addition, My MapQuest will soon be available to MapQuest 4 Mobile (MQ4M) BlackBerry users, further extending the experience to mobile handsets by enabling users to access saved maps and routes via their mobile phones. Users will be able to plan their routes online and take their directions on-the-go. In addition to the currently supported handsets, the MQ4M service will also be available on new handsets including the AT&T BlackBerry Bold, Verizon BlackBerry 8830 and 8330, and T-Mobile BlackBerry 8300, 8800 and 8820, with more models coming soon.
  • My MapQuest is the latest addition to the new MapQuest experience which includes the recent launches of a new website; MapQuest Local, a unique set of local features that have been integrated into; the MapQuest 4 Mobile downloadable application; and an optimized version of for the iPhone. MapQuest is the leading online mapping site in the U.S., according to the October comScore Media Metrix report.
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MapQuest Launches Personalized Maps : My MapQuest

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