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Managing Home Depot’s SEO: An Interview with Sean Kainec

Murray Newlands interviews Sean Kainec from Home Depot about SEO, content marketing, and seasonality.

Managing Home Depot’s SEO: An Interview with Sean Kainec

Managing the SEO and content marketing strategy of a major retailer involves a lot of planning and expertise. According to Home Depot’s head of SEO Sean Kainec, there are a lot of areas you must perfect to drive the best results, regardless of the size of your brand.

In the video below Sean explains the importance of planning your SEO, content marketing, and mobile strategies ahead of time in order to increase online traffic, as well as in-store foot traffic and boost sales both online and off:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • According to Kainec, his main focus is finding potential online customers, making sure that Home Depot ranks for home-improvement related search queries, and ensuring their products are available both online and in store so that customers can quickly and easily find the home improvement products they need.
  • In the interview, Kainec told me that Home Depot tries to create various types of content to help drive traffic and engage their customers. He says their goal is to create content that is inspirational, transactional, innovative, or related to various home improvement projects their customers are interested in and to help them find exactly what they need to complete their tasks.
  • Kainec also explains Home Depot’s content marketing strategy doesn’t revolve around just their products, rather, it aims to provide interesting information and practical advice to customers looking to learn new home improvement skills.
  • Kainec also talks about seasonality and how it can be difficult to plan for in regards to SEO. He says Home Depot works about three months in advance to make sure appropriate pages and content are available for seasonal products and services.
  • In regards to their mobile strategy, Kainec says that it’s growing and the company is trying to figure out what their ultimate goal is on the mobile platform. Despite the fact that Home Depot is still trying to iron out their mobile strategy, Kainec says that they do have a mobile site as well as various apps.

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Managing Home Depot’s SEO: An Interview with Sean Kainec

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