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Manage Your SEO Team Effectively with Raven Tools Messaging System

Manage Your SEO Team Effectively with Raven Tools Messaging System

Raven Tools have a powerful internal messaging system that allows you to keep in touch with your co-workers, distribute task add notes, etc.

Let’s see how it works.

Create a New Message

To create a new message, simply go to Inbox in your top bar and click “New Message”.

Raven Tools give you a handy option to message all your team members all at once (very useful if you have some important update to share):

Message all members

2. Use Contextual Messages

Contextual message are messages that include reference links to records in the system. It makes communicating with other team members easier and more efficient.

To send a contextual message, and include a reference to the page/record you’re currently on, click on the New Contextual Message icon

Create a contextual message

Once you’ve clicked on the icon, a new message form will open allowing you to send your message with a link to the page you were on. The reference link is intelligent. When a user clicks on it, it will automatically change the Profile and website (if different) and take them to the referenced page/record.

Contextual message

3. Filter Messages

Your inbox can be filtered to show you:

  • Both automated alerts and messages from other members;
  • Only automated alerts;
  • Only messages from other members;
  • Sent messages;
  • Deleted messages:

Filter messages

You can display up to 100 messages per page if you want to. Click on the Display dropdown navigation and make your selection:

Display options

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