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Malie Ohye Bids Farewell to Google

Malie Ohye Bids Farewell to Google

Maile Ohye, former Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, and repeat guest at SEJ Summit, has bid farewell to the search giant. Her resignation comes in the form of a Google+ post, where she extends her thanks to the SEO community and former coworkers.

Her departure has been met with much despair from the SEO community, as you can see from some of the replies to her post:

“This breaks my heart. As someone you’ve never met I’ve relied on you almost daily to help fuel my understanding of a passion I deeply wish to dominate. I wish you all the best and will continue to use your words to educate those that learn under me!”

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“Thank you Maile Ohye​​​ for all your help in assisting and educating the SEO and search community, I wish all the best on your new endeavours. You’ll be missed for sure.

Since joining Google in 2005, Ohye’s contributions to the SEO industry include a multitude of webmaster help videos, keynotes at industry events, and taking the lead on many initiatives surrounding Google Search Console.

Ohye has not stated the reasons behind her departure, nor what her future plans entail.


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