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An Online Marketing Guide for Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

An Online Marketing Guide for Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

This means that people are starting to plan a romantic date and thinking of what gift to buy for their special someone. In the US floral industry alone, it is projected that people will spend $3.3 billion for V-Day.

For digital marketing professionals and business owners alike, this “romantic day” is a goldmine. This is the day when both retail and online stores can beef up their sales to take advantage of everyone celebrating the “holiday of love.”

So how are you going to boost your business’ online marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day? This infographic from The Shelf will give you an insight on how you can get a piece of that heart-shaped chocolate from your customers on February 14.

An Online Marketing Guide for Valentine's Day | SEJ

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Infographic by The Shelf. Used with permission.

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An Online Marketing Guide for Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

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