How to Make People Stay and Read Your Blog Posts

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How to Make People Stay and Read Your Blog Posts

When you succeed in getting visitors to one of your blog posts, you want them to stay and read your work. Readers (and especially first time visiting readers) are bored quickly. You should grab their attention fast and help them understand the main message of your blog. In this post, I give five tips on getting people to stay on your site and read your post.

Limit the Length of Your Posts

You should limit the length of your text as people tend to stop reading (or don’t even start) if web text is too long. However, for SEO purposes, your blogs or articles shouldn’t be too short either (minimum of 300 words). A lengthy article has more chances to rank in search engines. We advise writing blog posts between 300-400 words for inexperienced bloggers and 700-800 for more advanced bloggers. Also make sure you write short paragraphs. A bunch of short paragraphs is much more pleasant to read than one big lump of copy.
(At Yoast we tend to break the do-not-write-lengthy-posts rule every now and then, producing blog posts which are much longer. If you choose to write a lengthy article, you should focus even more on style and structure!)

Blog SEO: Make People Stay and Read Your Post | SEJ

Make Sure Your Post is Readable

Make sure people can read your text properly. Reading from screens is hard, so make sure you don’t make it any harder. Use a decent font size: at least 14 px and preferably 16 px, with an appropriate white space (1.5em for the larger font sizes, more toward 2em for smaller font sizes). Using more white space (to a degree, obviously) has been found to actually increase comprehension of the text. Make sure the lines of your text aren’t too long. Try to keep it limited to 50 or 75 characters per line. The longer the lines, the harder it is for people to understand your message. And last but not least, choose contrasting colors for your text and your background. Green text on a yellow background tends to read quite hard.

Write About One Topic

Your blog post should have one subject. It should have one main message, or point, you want to make. Every blog and piece of content on your website has some kind of a message. This message is the purpose of that piece of writing: what do you want to tell your readers? You should be able to put the message of your post in one sentence. That sentence should contain one topic, not two. If you have a message containing two topics, use that second topic for your next blog post!


This post originally appeared on Yoast, and is re-published with permission.

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Marieke van de Rakt

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  • Bianca Lyka Nagac

    Hi Marieke,

    This is a great post. I’d like to add that keeping your readers interested should begin with a catchy title. Also, I noticed that one reason why readers won’t stay long and read other posts is because there aren’t any related topics showing at the end of the site. It’s a very good strategy to use to keep them from hitting the exit button.

  • Bianca Lyka Nagac

    I agree with you, Greg. It was cut on the part where there’s a violet line from the original post. Perhaps they did it on purpose so readers would click on the Yoast link or maybe they didn’t notice the missing part.

  • Tarun Gupta

    Thanks Marieke!! you have to share nice information. One of the metric search engines use in ranking is readability. If it’s easy to read people will spend time on your website. Which in return will reduce your bounce rate resulting in higher rankings. So yes content as you said its very important on your blog.

  • Abhay

    Thanks for sharing this useful ideas. I think that blogging fails is due to lack of knowing the audience and what they really look for there is also some knowledge of SEO and social media rules. A blogger should be a good writer, a good SEO and SMO to be able to reach as much as possible the audience

  • Oliver Warders

    I think that the content has to be more attractively written to catch the readers attention. It also has to be more well put together and it has to be on an easy natigating website.

  • Sunny

    Another thing, there should be internal linking between relevant blog posts to increase the interest of visitors.

  • Sayed Shahnur

    Good post ! However, to keep the visitors in your blog for a minute or more would be an achievement ! Normally, first-time visitors won’t spend more than seconds if they are not caught at the first place ! Once the bounce back they ain’t gonna return.

    Hence, in my point of view i would like to share the following points which can help as well-

    1- Catchy tittle ! Short but explains in couple of words that what the blog is about !

    2- Put a video on the blog ! Take 20-30 seconds to give a short, exciting brief on what goes down the blog !

    3- The intro should be asking question to the reader ! Make the reader ask himself ! That creates a little interest to scroll down a bit.

    4- Make sentences short and don’t worry about paragraphs ! Just make it easy to read as much as possible.

    You may consider visiting for some added information related to this topic ! Nevertheless, good effort !

  • Robert

    Absolutely great tips. I have recently started a blog so these will certainly come in handy.