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Majestic SEO Receives Funding

Majestic SEO Receives Funding

Cheers to my good friend Dixon Jones and the Majestic SEO team as I read that they just received a nice round of funding!

Majestic announced this week that it has received substantial funding from a Dutch investor. If you’re not aware of what Majestic SEO does,  it is a tech company based in Birmingham Science Park – Aston (UK) which has produced an independent map of the way web pages link to each other on the web. Search & Social LOVES the Majestic tools and its API as a way to determine top quality links via Majestic’s index and we’re not the only company using Majestic 🙂

Founded by Alex Chudnovsky in 2004, Majestic has used distributed crawlers run by a team of volunteers on hundreds of PCs worldwide. to produce a database of links – web graphs which are used in analyzing how search algorithms interpret and prioritize web page crawling. This database include anchor text in multiple international character sets which companies can use by subscribing  monthly for  £10 (12 Euros) a month, or through an API by agreement.

According to an official statement, Majestic-SEO is planning to use the investment it just received to enhance its infrastructure in 2010 – particularly to step up its crawl and indexing rates as well as to bring down datacrawl update time frequently.

Majestic Founder, Alex Chudnovsky has this to say about the investment.

“Even though we have already been reindexing monthly for the several months, we can improve this further. In addition, this funding will allow Majestic to accelerate its timeline, bringing more exciting products to market throughout 2010 and beyond.”

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Majestic SEO Receives Funding

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