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Lycos VOIP : Video, Movies and MP3 Under the Hood

Lycos VOIP : Video, Movies and MP3 Under the Hood

Who needs just search when you have content, networking and now VOIP? Not Lycos (sure they have search, but they used to be one of the cutting edge search engines on the market back when Page & Brin were at Stanford playing with their math algorithms). Note: The Lycos 50 with Dean is still the meanest (as in good) search popularity roundups on the market.

With the constant rebranding of Lycos to what is looking more and more like MySpace by the moment, comes Lycos Phone – the “Internet’s First Free VoIP Integrated Communication Platform, Combining IM, Video Chat, Real-Time Video On Demand and MP3 Player.”

The Globe 7 powered entertainment VOIP center is pushing its video VOIP usability to position itself as a Multimedia VOIP contender before Skype, Google and Yahoo gobble up the companies which offer video voip add-ons for their offerings and integrate them for their registered users.

There also seems to be some nice video news and mutlimedia / video search implementation into the tool. More from Lycos:

* With Lycos Phone, users can make free calls from PC to PC. They can also make free PC to PC video calls and receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone, from around the world.

* Users also receive 100 free minutes of PC to landline and PC to mobile phone calls, and can earn additional free minutes through various promotional offers with Lycos Phone.

* Unlike Skype and other VoIP services, Lycos in partnership with Globe7 is the first to introduce a VoIP system bringing full multimedia support for music and video on demand for both professional and independent content.

* The Lycos Phone platform provides free video on demand access to more than 300 movie trailers, business news, world sports and more, allowing users to search the web while chatting with buddies.

* Additionally, unlike Skype and Yahoo, Lycos Phone offers a free U.S. phone number, free fax and free voicemail to email.

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Lycos VOIP : Video, Movies and MP3 Under the Hood

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