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LookSmart’s AdCenter for Publishers

LookSmart’s AdCenter for Publishers

LookSmart as unveiled a new version of its AdCenter for Publishers, which is a platform that helps online publishers maintain and grow critical small and large advertiser relationships. LookSmart says that several additional publishers are now licensing the white label AdCenter to “increase their online advertiser base and corresponding revenue.” Such publishers named by LookSmart include Active Athlete Media, Frazoo,, Mainstream Advertising and Reed Business Information.

The AdCenter for Publishers differs from other offerings in the market by placing total control in the hands of the publisher. The platform solves a publisher’s critical issue of selling to advertisers too small to justify human sales or service from a cost of sales perspective. Built to provide flexibility and transparency, the platform has daily capping and pacing of campaigns; a new and easy to use user interface (UI); page design that promotes brand value for the publisher; and a new data warehouse that produces reports for both publishers and advertisers, including hourly billable revenue.

“The next iteration of ad sales in this high growth medium will be publishers wanting to own and control all size of advertiser customers, so they can sell them additional products and maximize pricing,” said Bryan Everett, LookSmart’s senior vice president of sales and operations. “Moreover, we have developed reports and management capabilities that can easily be configured for any publisher’s situation. Publishers pay a small revenue share to LookSmart and then control their own destiny with all sizes of advertiser. This open attitude is something we’ve been working toward over the past year.”

More from the release : The latest AdCenter for Publishers also gives transparency into their advertising operation, improves advertisers’ performance and promotes better campaign results. Advertiser-oriented platform features include a proprietary daily budgeting system that provides a much greater degree of control to advertisers; custom reports; easier ad uploading, and an improved user interface. Publisher-oriented custom reports include hourly billable click and revenue reporting by advertiser.

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LookSmart’s AdCenter for Publishers

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