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LookSmart Intros Vertical Search Engines

LookSmart Intros Vertical Search Engines

LookSmart Intros Vertical Search Engines

Vertical Search, Vertical Search, how many times can you say Vertical Search? Perhaps not more than Danny Sullivan did at Search Engine Strategies in New York earlier this month. Vertical search seems to be where it’s at, as people get sick of sorting through traditional web page search results and turn to more targeted and relevant search engine services. LookSmart got a jump on vertical search today with the launch of 5 new targeted search engines. Watch out Lycos, LookSmart’s on your tail.

After analyzing audience and research data from FindArticles, LookSmart has developed five separate vertical content destinations, including homework helpers: the trendy for teens; the more studious for “tweens;” and for college students. Two additional resources are dedicated to parents — for all family matters, and for moms on the go.

“LookSmart believes that search on the Web will become increasingly vertical and personal. Consumers turn to the Web in search of essential content, be it related to a hobby, work or education,” says Debby Richman, senior vice president of consumer products for LookSmart. “The new verticals were developed to build upon LookSmart’s core demographics of researchers and families from the company’s existing consumer products, FindArticles and Net Nanny.”

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