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London Bomb Blast Heard Across Internet

London Bomb Blast Heard Across Internet

London Bomb Blast Heard Across Internet

Today’s terror attacks on the London mass transit system were not only a sucker-punch to a city which was jumping with Olympic joy 12 hours ago and another stain brought upon the world by radical terrorists, but also an interesting study of the spreading of news via blogs, cellular phone cameras, and other mobile devices used by many during the morning commute bombing. To date, 40 people were killed in the morning blast, and there are a reported 700 injured. The blasts, which led to Tony Blair leaving the G8 Summit to attend to his countrymen, were dubbed by the Associated Press as “the worst attack on London since World War II.”

Unlike previous world shaking events, today’s London Bombing was interestingly enough one of the first examples of world news instantly documented by groups of mobile, unassuming and unintentional journalists. With the world wired together by wireless mobility, the BBC and CNN’s of the global media received first account footage of the events from cell phones, hand held mobile PC’s, and digital cameras. One example of such was the BBC coverage of the bombing aftermath with on-screen phone numbers and contact information for those within the Underground and bus bombing areas to send their photos, emails and text messages.

The blogosphere was also shocked with sites such as Flickr (a Yahoo property), Technorati, and others filling up with news posts and on-site photos of the disaster. The BBC reports “News of the suspected terror attacks across central London has quickly spread across the net as people try to get information about the chaos. According to blog tracking service, Technorati, there were more than 1,300 posts about the blasts by 1015 GMT.”

Footage from the bombing can also be found on Flickr’s London Bomb Blast Pool and searches for photos with the tags “london” and “london bomb.” Technorati’s top five searches for the day are 1. “London” 2. “London Explosion” 3. “London Bomb” 4. “London Blast” 5. “London Bombing”.

At press time I have not read of any charities in need which are helping with the clean up and medical assistance after the blast, but the Red Cross is always a good choice and is looking for blood donations world wide.

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London Bomb Blast Heard Across Internet

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