LOCQL: A Location Based Q&A Site and an Inspirational Source for Local Marketers

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LOCql is a location-based question and answer social network that lets you quickly find answers to any questions revolving around a city. The site is still relatively new, so things may seem a bit quiet at first, but it looks like a promising tool for local bloggers and marketers to locate content and keyword inspiration.

The community can be joined through your Facebook account, so getting started takes seconds.

The platform promises to develop into a reliable resource of location-based information:

  • Residents know the most about their local areas: LOCQL targets questions to local experts andf their networks to find the most genuine and relevant answers for you.
  • Members can up-vote and down-vote answers which helps build a self-serving moderation system.
  • LOCQL automatically parses links and combines Yelp reviews, google maps etc. in the answers.

Users are presented with the venerable power of Q&A services along with convenience of search engines.

Along with offering an effective location and keyword-based search platform, the site also allows you to create your own dashboard with questions about the places you have expertise in.

1. Add Your Cities

Whether you’re blogging, targeting or are just interested in any locations around the world, you can add them all here:


2. Follow People

LOCQL offers suggestions for recommended people in your cities and invites you to follow them:


3. Ask and Answer LOCAL Questions

A list of questions related to your specified locations will be presented to you. You can answer or skip any of these to continue onto the next one. This step is a great way to draw plenty of local content inspiration that you can rank and create content for:


More tools for local bloggers:

Kate Summers

Kate Summers

Kate is a social media strategist for Dallas real estate company. Her specialization is reaching out to local bloggers and journalists and building the company... Read Full Bio
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  • Ryan Miller

    Simple and easy to navigate on the first login. Site seems a bit obvious in what appears to be an attempt to rank in search engines for specific long-tail, location-based keywords. 

    I like that they ask give a few sample questions to get your account going, though will it stifle users creativity to ask new, unique questions?  The “leveling up” is a nice touch too, and may encourage users to come back for more.

  • Anonymous

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  • Masradenjp

    very useful share. . .

  • Tom Peters

    This looks like an amazing tool. I wonder it’s not getting more coverage!

  • Kay

    Thaks so much – never heard of this before so will check it out!