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Local Search Tips Whitepaper from Location3 Media

Location3 Media has shared with us their Local Search Tips whitepaper that covers big picture strategies and small hints to maximize local search campaigns. They are sharing heir hard-won knowledge with our clients, industry contacts and the media to help people get on board with the local search revolution.

According to the Kelsey Group, 74 percent of internet users perform local searches. Local business searchers are further along in the purchase cycle, demonstrating a low cost per lead and a high conversion rate.

After years of success in the industry, Local Search Traffic, a division of Location3 Media, presents a guide to the basics of using local search marketing to your advantage.

The paper contains the in-depth information on:

  • Local map listings;
  • Local pay-per-click strategies;
  • Local search engine optimization;
  • Local social media.

Developing an integrated strategy for local map listings, PPC, SEO and social media efforts is a multi-faceted and complex undertaking. If your company has not invested time or energy into local search, it could be a huge growth area, especially given the recent refurbishing at Google and future local efforts in the Bing-Facebook relationship.

Enjoy! You can download the whitepaper for free here.

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Local Search Tips Whitepaper from Location3 Media

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