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Local Number Call Forwarding Coming To Google AdWords in November 2014

Google has updated its AdWords support section with a new entry on local number call forwarding, a new feature that’s said to be coming in early November 2014.

With this feature you will be able to use local number for call extensions using Google forwarding numbers. Soon you will also be able to show a local Google forwarding number on your ads with the same area code as your business phone number, or an area code for the same region.

Since people are more likely to call a number with an area code the recognize, the ability to feature local numbers in search ads could seriously benefit local businesses.

How To Set Up Local Number Call Forwarding

To take advantage of this new feature, you won’t have to make any changes to your ads. But Google suggests updating your call extension phone numbers based on the goals of your business.

To change your settings for an existing call extension:

  1. Click the Ad extensions tab in AdWords.
  2. From the View drop-down, choose Call extensions.
  3. Find the call extension you’d like to edit in the table and click the pencil icon next to the extension.
  4. The phone number will be listed under “Selected phone numbers.” Click the pencil icon next to the extension to open the “Edit phone number” window.
  5. Update your phone number. Google will attempt to provide a local or toll-free forwarding number to match the format of the number you provide (where available).
  6. Click Save.

When updating your call extensions phone number, you will have two options: 

  • Toll-free numbers: You can forward calls to a toll-free number you own by entering that number within the phone number field. Google will generate and show a toll-free Google forwarding number for your call extensions.
  • Local numbers: You can also choose to forward calls to a local number by entering a local number you can be reached at in the phone number field. Google will then generate a forwarding number for use on your call extensions. The local numbers generated by Gooogle will share the same area code as your business. In some instances where that’s not available, an area code for your geographic area will be displayed.

For more information, see Google’s support article.

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Local Number Call Forwarding Coming To Google AdWords in November 2014

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