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Live Search Webmaster Center Rolls Out New Features

The Live Search team has just rolled out some useful new features for the Webmaster Center. If you’re using this Microsoft service aside from Google Webmaster Central you might appreciate these new features. If not, you might as well read on and who knows you might start using the Webmaster Center from now on.

First of these new features and the most important in fact is the Webmaster Center’s malware detection procedure. It now more efficiently detects whether your webpages and the webpages your site links to are infected with malwares. Once the Webmaster Center malware detection tool found any existence of malwares in those links, it will immediately flagged the links and notify you in your next search results that those links contain malwares. In addition, you can now download detailed reports of malware attacks on your websites and even includes ways to fix it. Once you’ve fixed your site, you  can immediately ping the Live Search team to have your sites re-scanned and re-included in Live Search results as quickly as possible.

The other two new features are simplified authentication and outbound links filtering tool. With the new feature you only need to use one authentication code for all the sites that you own which you’ve listed in the your Webmaster Center account. If you have multiple authentication codes before, they will still be supported even if the new features are already on. And a bonus feature, the Webmaster Center will treat the last successful authentication method that you will do on your sites will become the default method for then on.

The last new feature is the outbound links tool which would enable you to filter those links which points to sites with malwares. This way you can prevent your site users from landing on sites which have malwares waiting to attack your users’ computers.

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Live Search Webmaster Center Rolls Out New Features

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