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Links from Pixel Advertising Pages

Almost all Webmasters are aware of the Million Dollar Homepage, what a great idea (in hindsight). But let’s look at these types of sites from a link building stand point. I have a client that advertised on this site and it brought in a ton of traffic, guess what, I still can’t find the location of his ad. 🙂 But besides for the traffic, will those pixel links, 1×1 pixel links, be seen as link spam by the engines?

Two recent threads touch on this topic, the first at Search Engine Watch Forums and the second at WebmasterWorld.

It is of the belief that a single pixel like link can flag a site for review. If the links are pretty much hidden, then bam – you can be penalized. But what about the Million Dollar Homepage and all its clones? The WebmasterWorld thread asks if the clones will be seen as link farms by Google and be taken down from a popularity building component in the link equation? Good question.

Right off the bat, the WebmasterWorld thread has some excellent responses, if you cant see them, I will quote a few, but it six pages deep and it makes for a nice read.

Receptional: I confess it occured to me the second I got a phone call from a person setting this up as a business model and wanting help. I had to say no thanks straight off the bat. The idea was cool once – but Google won’t even have to tweak their algo to stop it working a thousand times. Why? because it is only unique once. No other attempt will get the same media attention.

Mack:We over look one fact when viewing these million dollar pages. Google will only count the first 100 links on any given page. Even if then where to pass PR what would you honestly expect to receive from a 100th share of even a PR8. I dont see how it is possible for these pages to pass PR anyway, some use redirects etc so all you can realisticaly hope for is clicks.

Stuntdubl: >link farm yep. >pass PR nope.

>help rankings

>great idea (the first time)

>piece of internet history

Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable Search Forum Coverage – Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.

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  • Frank

    Here’s a new concept, a variation of Million Dollar Homepage:
    There are only 10 ad spaces and they sell them auction-based. The highest bidder gets the top ad space with 400×300 pixels.

  • Ed

    While the world is awaiting for the dust to settle on the direction of pixel advertisement, I am seeing a great protential in using it as a vehicle for site promotion.

    Picture tells a thousand words and we human are visual being. Pixel Advert adds another dimension to your content portal/blog where visitors can view all your link partners in a graphical form. Whilst the old method of link exchange promotes only search engines’ link popularity ranking, Pixel Ads may actually generates human outbound traffic from site visitors.

    Having said that, I am now experimenting new site promotion via Free Pixel Advertisement. We’ll will wait and see if this can eventualy take off and become future trend of site promotion strategy.

  • Clara

    A new sensation in Million’s Pages.

  • Clara

    A new sensation in Million’s Pages:

    Excuse me for duplicate comment.

  • stuart

    The million dollar pixel homepage is one of a few successful pixel pages availible on the internet. Get your website noticed visit

  • Dom

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  • Dom

    Football Crazy, Well get some free prizes, support your Nation at this years Fifa World Cup 2006 in Germany, and most important promote your site. Visit

  • Gene Browne

    I did my pixel site in flash so there would be no “link farm” impact. Yet my idea was pretty neat to drive traffic to the site.
    No pixel squares. We’re done up with Pixel Art buildings.

  • Gene Browne

    Oh, forgot. The site is

  • Andy B.

    PixelAdsTalk – Pixel Advertising Forum is a growing community for pixel site owners and people interested in pixel advertising. Since the launch in November we have seen a rise in over 400 members and 1,600 posts!

  • Trevor Oakley

    The first advanced Flash pixel ad site now developed at, with zoom features down to one pixel.

  • Joe Zhang

    This one integrate the pixel advertising with its monther site, which is with rich-content on travel and shopping specials.

    It also claims to help advertiser to promote their business in China,
    so called “PixUpChina”,

    So,its customer focus in tourism industry and business who wants to penetrate into China market.

    It also promises to bring in search capability to ensure the spending of small ad. owners.


    All of the copies are failing to innovate upon the original concept, just by offering different styles.

    My site is the worlds first interactive pixel advertising style site, which encourages users to interact with the adverts. Alongside this it’s also the worlds first tactical advertising game, so it’s creating a whole new genre on it’s own back and a new generation of pixel advertising.

    To me, the original opened my eyes to ideas i’ve not had before which can be impemented and be successful.

    Currently gaining 5000+ pageviews per week and rising fast:

  • The Button Page

  • Ed Mip

    Hi, here are some newer information. We are running a blog on pixel advertising associated with a pixel page. There is still a lot going on at the pixel scene.

  • Ed Mip
  • Xspliffic

    I am running a pilot version of a new concept in the pixel ads world – Flag Pixel Ads

    I fusion link exchange & pixel ads sale and also invite regular visitors to suggest sites and have some other twists to it than the other sites….

  • millionpixels

    Increase your website traffic with Pixel Advertising.Pixel advertising is one of the newest and most talked about advertising techniques on the Internet today. Try it now ..Pixel advertising with MillionPixels.Co.