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LinkedIn Teams Up With Bing Maps to Show Commute Times on Job Postings

LinkedIn Teams Up With Bing Maps to Show Commute Times on Job Postings

A new feature available on LinkedIn sees the professional network team up with Bing Maps to provide users with information about commute times.

Using the mobile app, LinkedIn users can now see what their commute time would be when viewing job postings.

When viewing a job posting there will now be a new “See Your Commute” section. From there, users can enter their address to see how long their daily commute would take.

“There are a lot of factors that go into understanding if a job is the right fit for you, and taking the time to research can often be a roadblock to finding a new opportunity. Now, on LinkedIn, you can see salary insights, how your skills and experience match with what the role requires, who can refer you to the role, and information about the company and potential team, all without ever leaving the job listing.”

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Commute time can be calculated based on various methods of transportation — such as traveling by car, using public transit, and walking.

LinkedIn says that users will eventually be able to save their location information locally on their phone so it doesn’t have to be typed in every time.

As part of the integration with Bing Maps, Bing’s predictive travel data will take into account rush hour traffic when calculating commute times.

In an announcement from Bing, the company provides more details about exactly which services are being used.

“Built with the help of several Bing Maps APIs, the “Your Commute” feature helps users calculate their potential commute time to the new job they are considering. The Bing Maps services used in the feature include Autosuggest, Geocoding, Routing and Maps.”

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Lastly, users will be able to set their commute preferences within their ‘Career Interests’ dashboard. This will allow LinkedIn to provide users with job recommendations that best fit their lifestyle.


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