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Anyone using Linkedin has been asked to endorse connection skills.

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Who knew that this pesky, annoying task had a master plan to dominate SERPS? Have you ever thought “hey I think we should show up in search engine SERPs for every skill known to mankind”? Well that is exactly what Linkedin is starting to achieve. Linkedin Skills is such a brilliant SEO play that it tends to just slap you in the SERP. You don’t even have time to see it coming.

Don’t believe me?

Odds are Linkedin Skills in Google SERP might be whooping you right now for a few keywords. Go to Google and type in “inventory control” one of Wasp’s biggest keywords. The 3rd organic search result is now Linkedin Skills.

linkedin skills               








What should you do if Linkedin Skills are crushing your SERPS?

One suggestion I have is to try and show up within the Linkedin Skill landing page.

Here are 4 tips to show up in Linkedin Skill Landing Pages:

  1. I suggest that all of your employees add your company to their profile.
  2. Have all of your employees add the core company skills to their profile.
  3. Make sure that many of your employees are active in the biggest and Linkedin groups for each major skill
  4. If geo location is important make sure employees from each location are active on linkedin skills

inventory control

Has Linkedin Skills affected your SERPS?

Jeremy Vest

Jeremy Vest

Jeremy Vest is an author, speaker, web designer, teacher and video marketing nerd. He founded Emmy award winning video training company xTrain that created training videos for companies like Adobe, Corel, Wiley and Safari Books Online. Jeremy is the Senior Manager Search Strategy at Touchstorm his personal site is Video Marketing Guild
Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest

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  • Maria

    This is awesome! A class act from guys at Linkedin.

  • Alvin Brown

    What an eye-opening post, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing as I’ve never thought about LinkedIn and the impact their Skills sections plays in SEO. You have me ready to research more on this. Again, good find, great read and thank you.

  • Pat Allen

    Great post. Do you happen to know what influences the ranking of the Related Companies list on the right-hand side. I’ve done a related search and it’s not number of followers and, in my testing, it’s not the number of times the term appears in the About copy.