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LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features To Enhance Newsletters

LinkedIn bolsters newsletters with a revamped interface, multiple newsletters per account, and automatic follows for subscribers.

  • LinkedIn has announced new features to enhance the newsletter experience.
  • You can now host up to five newsletters under one account.
  • When a member subscribes to a newsletter, they will automatically follow the creator's LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has announced several new features to improve the newsletter experience for creators and readers.

These updates come as LinkedIn has seen newsletters grow exponentially in popularity over the past year.

LinkedIn states in its announcement:

“Newsletter readership has tripled over the past year, now with more than 1.3 million daily readers.”

LinkedIn is rolling out the following upgrades to make it as easy as possible for our people to create and distribute newsletters.

Smoother Publishing Experience

One of the biggest changes is a redesigned publishing interface for writing newsletters.

Writers reported the old system was clunky and inefficient, so LinkedIn improved it.

The announcement reads:

“Writing a newsletter takes time and effort, and we’ve heard that the article editor platform was a bit clunky, so we’re introducing a new, smoother editing and publishing experience. “

The new editor lets you format, lay out, and embed multimedia when constructing newsletters.

You can also add an SEO title and description for every newsletter edition.

Multiple Newsletters Under One Account

LinkedIn now allows users to host up to five newsletters under one account.

This enables subject matter experts to target content to various audiences interested in their different areas of expertise.

Previously, writers were limited to a single newsletter, which may have narrowed their potential reach.

Automated Follows For Subscribers

When a member subscribes to a newsletter, they will now automatically follow their LinkedIn profile.

This can help creators grow their follower base from among engaged newsletter readers.

The Bigger Picture

LinkedIn has improved newsletter discoverability over the past year through features like one-click subscriptions and showing newsletters in search results.

The updates come at a time when newsletters have surged in popularity, with many writers leaving traditional publications to start their own subscriber-supported newsletters.

Platforms like Substack and Revue have significantly benefited from this trend. It appears LinkedIn is aiming to get a bigger piece of the newsletter pie with its new features.

Featured Image: JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock

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LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features To Enhance Newsletters

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