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LinkedIn Reports Most In-Demand Jobs Across All Industries

A report from LinkedIn shows healthcare dominates fastest growing jobs; in-person roles stay in high demand.

  • Healthcare roles are growing the fastest globally.
  • In-person customer service jobs remain highly in demand.
  • Administrative positions continue to play an essential role.
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LinkedIn’s analysis of global talent trends shows healthcare roles dominating the list of fastest-growing jobs while customer-facing and in-person positions remain highly in demand.

According to LinkedIn’s data, healthcare jobs represent 6 out of the top 10 roles, with the most significant increase in paid job posts on the platform.

Outside of healthcare, customer-facing and in-person jobs dominate the top most in-demand roles by the total volume of job posts.

Here are the highlights from LinkedIn’s report.

Healthcare Industry Seeing Highest Growth

“The global staffing shortage in healthcare is a chronic issue that’s grown into a full-blown crisis,” states LinkedIn in its latest in-demand jobs report.

Demand is being driven higher for healthcare roles globally due to an aging population.

Health worker shortages are especially dire in poorer countries, where qualified professionals often migrate abroad for better opportunities.

Jobs With The Fastest-Growing Demand

LinkedIn’s report shows the greatest increase in hiring for the following roles:

  1. Care Specialist.
  2. Surgical Technician.
  3. Tax Preparer.
  4. Medical Surgical Nurse.
  5. Secretary.
  6. Sonographer.
  7. Progressive Care Nurse.
  8. Home Health Licensed Practical Nurse.
  9. Customer Associate.
  10. Business Administrator.

The demand for specific healthcare jobs reflects their continued importance despite predictions that AI could make the roles unnecessary.

Administrative positions also continue to play a vital role, even with advances in AI. Rather than becoming obsolete, many of these jobs are as essential as ever.

Most In-Demand Jobs Overall

Despite the focus on healthcare, customer-facing roles remain highly sought after, with positions like retail salesperson, store manager, and cashier seeing significant demand.

Additionally, after a dip, tech roles such as software and full-stack engineers are again rising, indicating a swing in demand for these remote-capable positions.

These are the roles with the most significant number of paid LinkedIn job posts in Q4 2023, along with their change in ranking compared to the previous quarter:

  1. Salesperson (no change in rank vs. previous quarter).
  2. Retail Salesperson (+1).
  3. Registered Nurse (+1).
  4. Software Engineer (+1).
  5. Project Manager (+1).
  6. Customer Service Representative (-4).
  7. Store Manager (+3).
  8. Full Stack Engineer (+6).
  9. Cashier (+6).
  10. Driver (-2).

Key Takeaways For Businesses & Employers

The growth in healthcare roles presents an opportunity for employers in other industries to attract healthcare talent by highlighting transferable skills. With so much demand in healthcare, casting a wider talent net could help fill open roles.

The return of demand for tech roles like software engineers shows employers need to ensure their tech staffing budgets reflect the current competitive market. With tech talent in high demand, compensation and retention efforts may need revisiting.

Administrative and operations roles remain essential for business operations despite predictions. Employers should ensure these roles are valued for their ongoing contributions, even as AI automates specific tasks.


The findings are based on global LinkedIn data from premium job posts between July and December 2023.

The analysis excludes roles with fewer than 1,000 posts or dominated by single-company listings.


What are the most in-demand jobs according to LinkedIn’s recent report?

  • The report from LinkedIn shows significant demand for healthcare roles.
  • Administrative positions also remain vital.
  • Customer-facing roles like retail salesperson, store manager, and cashier are highly sought after.

According to LinkedIn’s data, how has the demand for tech roles such as software and full-stack engineers changed?

  • LinkedIn’s recent data indicates a resurgence in demand for tech roles such as software and full-stack engineers after a previous dip in demand.
  • These positions, which are often remote-capable, have seen a rise in their rank concerning the number of paid job posts on LinkedIn for Q4 2023.
  • Full stack engineer roles jumped by six positions in the ranking compared to the previous quarter.


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LinkedIn Reports Most In-Demand Jobs Across All Industries

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